DWH: How did you two lovebirds meet?

K: We’ve been together for about 7 and a half years. Sharna and I met in 2010 playing for the same softball club. After training we would talk about our family, Sharna’s brother at the time was 6 and adorable! He would get dropped off to our practice and Sharna would drive him home after they chased each-other on the oval for a while. Everyone would talk about how damn cute it was! We quickly developed a friendship, and I realized pretty fast there was something special about this girl.

Fast forward seven years and now she’s my wife!

DWH: Tell us about the proposal.

S: It was perfect.

Kayla seriously surprised me! It was a regular Saturday and I had finished work and made my way down to watch Kayla play softball with our friends.

My best friend greeted me in the stands and Kayla’s best friend was there with a camera. This would have been weird; however, it was club day for Kayla’s softball club, so everyone from the club was out, a bbq was going and cameras everywhere – nothing suspicious.

At the end of the game, the girls leave the field after shaking hands and often return down the back for a ‘team chat.’ This time the team left the field and all lined up in the dugout. I didn’t think too much of it until they all began marching back out onto the field with canvas boards in their hands.

Kayla was last to walk onto the field.

She swiftly walked down to the home plate whilst her team lined up behind her forming ‘will you marry me?’. Kayla got down on one knee and held out a box. It took a minute to sink in, I hadn’t been so surprised/excited in my life! I’m so glad it was captured on video, I still have to pinch myself that Kayla was so creative!

DWH: Cute! Can you talk us through the inspiration for the wedding day?

K & S: Whenever we spoke about our wedding we always wanted a relaxed, easy vibe. One of our friends actually said ‘weddings are about you. It’s supposed to be a refined version of yourself but still yourself.’

Anyone who knows us knows we usually spend our weekends with friends, eating pizzas and cheese boards in each others living rooms having a beer or cider. Beach Road Wines gave us precisely that vibe!

We didn’t want to overcrowd the venue with too many decorations, flowers and lights made the venue stunning already. We just added a few photos of ourselves around the place and some candles [thanks, Kmart!] We also found some boho rugs from the old refinery to give extra comfortable sitting room and threw some pillows and blankets from Kmart around. The view at the venue was decoration enough!

DWH: Tell us about the big wedding day?

K: There was some confusion over the music for myself and the bridesmaids would walk to. The wrong song was played for about 30 seconds, but it was realized and change! – crisis averted.

S: This is probably super corny but, Kayla had some health issues in 2017 and I really wasn’t sure if we’d get a wedding. Even the night before the wedding I still couldn’t believe it was happening. When I saw Kayla as I walked towards her and saw the tears running down her face with the biggest smile, that was my favorite moment. Knowing and seeing her there, she made it, and she was happy.

My heart felt full. I can honestly say she is the only person I noticed.

K & S: To us, marriage means committing to one another and agreeing to work as a team for the rest of our life. I know not everything will be easy, but marriage means we are willing to try when things get hard and we are willing to continuously work together to grow as individuals and a couple rather than walk away when times are hard.

K: it also means growing old with your best friend.

DWH: It sounds emotional but incredible. Now you’ve done it, do you have any advice for couples who are planning their wedding day?

K & S: Go slow and do your research. There were so many times we thought we ‘had’ to do things for other people or to keep friends or family happy.

That’s just not the case!

It’s your day to show your love however you want to. You absolutely do not need to do anything because someone tells you that’s ‘wedding tradition’ or it’ll make someone in your family happy. It’s your day, not theirs and they’ll all just be happy to be there and support you.

Photography Jewel Chenoweth Photography
Catering Beach Road Wines
Celebrant Sandy Wills
Donut Tower Sweet Tooth Factory
Engagement Rings Gerard McCabe Jewelers
Entertainment Middleton Events
Event Planner Jo from Beach Road Wines
Florist Amy at Bella in Bloom
Gown Designer Stella York
Hair Hair by Rhegan
Jacket Ignition for Men
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Pants Forever New
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Thankyou Cookies Kates Baking Co
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