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Kayleigh & Victoria – Light and Airy Wedding Inspiration

Kayleigh & Victoria – Light and Airy Wedding Inspiration

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Words by planner Kirsten from White Pine Coordination.
Tell us the inspiration behind the shoot.

Imagine waking up in a castle on a warm sunny day that overlooks a scene of cascading, lush mountains. You brew your morning coffee and reflect on the main event of the day; it’s finally time to commit yourself to your true love. Before you know it, every corner of the room is full of organic florals freshly plucked from the local garden. The natural scenery of your home seamlessly juxtaposes modern structures. The hallways begin to echo with joy and the sound of laughter as your guests start arriving. Vendors of all sorts come in with hopes of making your fairytale dreams come to life. Then, for a moment, you sit back, take it all in and realize it’s finally time to say yes to forever. 

I wanted this shoot to feel elegant, timeless, and innovative, the same intentions I run my brand by. I ensured that the flowers we used were colors that could easily be found on a brisk walk through a garden. These delicate colors combined with the striking structure of a DIY PVC pipe altar (yes, it is 60 feet of PVC pipe, you see) were meant to bring a delicate contrast to the design at work. I found inspiration in everything; storybook covers, cheesy little quotes on Pinterest, and my new favorite TV Show-Bridgerton.

I wanted to picture how a modern couple would style their wedding if they were to step back in time. Goodwin Manor set the perfect backdrop for the scene, Silks-A-Bloom brought the space to life through florals, and Kayleigh and Victoria brought true, organic love to the front of the camera. My goal was to ensure that every detail emitted intimate, delicate elegance.

Why was creating this shoot important to the team?

This shoot was an opportunity for the military spouse community to showcase their talents. All too often, it is the service members who are, rightfully so, highlighted and uplifted. This leaves their loved ones who support them, silently building businesses and relationships that they know they will have to restart in a few short years. Seven out of the eleven vendors involved are spouses of a person in the Air Force, and Kayleigh, who modeled, is an active duty member herself. 

When moving to a new station, it is vital to find a community of others that will support you in all of your endeavors; this shoot was exactly that. Spouses are supporting spouses. The military and military spouse community has so much to offer the cities they travel to. It can be challenging to break into the wedding scene full of established names, businesses, companies, etc. Some communities do not even realize the scope of the impact a military base has on its economy. These individuals bring unique stories and talents to places that have a status quo. This shoot was truly aimed to show that while we may not know where the closest Starbucks is in town, we can absolutely join you on your wedding journey. 

What are the key styling elements of the styled inspiration, and who brought them to life?

The florals were the main component of this entire shoot. Without Silks-A-Bloom’s team creating literal magic, this vision would have fallen flat. I spoke with Dale Aldridge, the owner, about my vision to incorporate a unique, DIY PVC pipe structure, and instead of dismissing the idea, he took it and ran with it. His ability to see what his clients see, encourage their ideas, and flawlessly execute every minute detail is truly awe-inspiring. I showed up with roughly 60 feet of cut PVC pipe ready to piece together, and his team worked tirelessly to make my dream come to life before my eyes. I was so beyond honored to be able to work alongside Dale and his team through this process. 

Also, I want to mention that Amanda Day with DayFlower Designs made the most perfect invitation suite based on a simple mood board I sent to her via Instagram. I told her my vision, the scene I was picturing in my head, and she was able to craft a beautifully unique stationery set that truly reflected the ambiance of the entire shoot. While stationary is a small detail in the grand scheme of the day, it really sets the tone of your big event for the guests. Having someone so talented be willing to work on this with me was such a blessing from the universe.

Words by the couple Kaleigh & Victoria.
How did you meet?

Kaleigh: We met on Tinder in July of 2020. Victoria was looking for friends, and I was looking for a hook-up. We’re six years apart: 23 and 29, respectively. At the time, I thought I would never entertain the idea of dating someone below 25. I’m glad I was only looking for a hook-up. Also glad that I was willing to respect her when she didn’t reciprocate the flirting. 

Victoria: We both actually almost swiped left on each other because of our age, but since I was looking for friends and she seemed cool, I ended up swiping right. When we started texting, she flirted with me, and I tried to make it clear I was just being friendly, but when she stopped flirting, I realized I really liked her. So then I started flirting to save it! The rest is pretty much history.

What is your favorite memory together?

Our favorite memory together would have to be the vacation we took to Colorado in February. We travel a lot together, but life had been crude to us for the previous few months. It was a hard decision to make because we could either go on vacation or move in together.

Kaleigh: As much as I loved the trip with my whole heart, coming home to her every night smiling just because I’m home is priceless. We’re making the big move next month, though, so I trust the timing.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome together?

Victoria: Life!!

Kaleigh: Overcoming life’s obstacles and conquering dreams is already a challenging quest. Fairytales tend to make these challenges seem easier with two people. And, I am now in complete disagreement with that ideology. Being a supportive and loving partner to Tori calls me to grow more than I would on my own and more than I sometimes want to, to be honest.

Victoria: Yeah, and I think that making sure we are constantly checking in to ensure that we both feel like we’re getting everything we need is really important and can sometimes be challenging, especially if you don’t know what you need!

Tell us your favorite thing about one another.

Kaleigh: I adore so much about this woman! Even the things I “dislike” because they’re unique to her, you know? But, if I have to pick only one, I think it would be that she is such a kind person – to everyone. Strangers, friends, family, she wants to understand and support other humans. It’s the trait I looked for the most in others but rarely ever found.

Victoria: That is a very isolating question for such a complex woman. But it became evident to me what makes her so special shortly after I met her. She sees everything, and I don’t mean visually. She really sees people, animals, and the world in a way unlike any other. This makes her extremely motivated by passion in everything she does, from fighting for equality to making animals feel understood. I watch in awe of her every day.

What’s in the future for you both?

Victoria: Well, we move in together next month, and we are excited about that. We have already started nesting too. Kaleigh is in the Air Force, and we just put in an application for an overseas assignment, so we have our fingers crossed on that. She was stationed in Japan for four years before she came to Little Rock, and I did a semester abroad in Italy, so traveling is something that is important to both of us. One of the ways we were able to keep traveling during the pandemic was by going camping all over Arkansas (and yes, we wore flannels- a stereotypical lesbian couple if that was ever even a thing)!

Kaleigh: Victoria just got a new job as an academic advisor, too! So, our schedules will be more aligned than before – which feels long overdue. Being in the military, the future is mostly a blank slate. Regardless of where we move, the arguments, and growing we will do, I know there is a lot of love in our future. We are both committed to “us.”

Photography by Morgan Lee Photography

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Ceremony Venue Goodwin Manor
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H&MU Painted By Haley
Planner & Stylist White Pine Coordination
Signage Timber Lane Creations LLC
Stationery Day Flower Designs

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