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Kelsey & Sharayah – A One Night Stand Turned Epic Romance

Kelsey & Sharayah – A One Night Stand Turned Epic Romance

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It wasn’t supposed to be anything more than one night together, but what came was a deep love and an epic romance.

Kelsey and I met five years ago on Tinder. We both were not looking to settle down or even for someone to get with, only really for a one-night stand! But we fell deeply and truly in love with one another and couldn’t imagine life without each other. 

Three years into our relationship Sharayah proposed to Kelsey in Bali, and two years later, we had the perfect wedding.

We both work FIFO as dump truck operators doing 2/1, so with the time we have at home, we have started a new project working on our bus (CHASE.THEBUS) we are converting him into our first home and in the next year or so will travel around Australia going off the grid! 

Tell us about the proposal.

We were on holiday in Bali with Kelsey’s mother. Kelsey organized a quad bike tour on the black sand beach because Sharayah never organizes things. She thought she better not be suss and organize this even though she knew this is where she would propose!!

So while we were on tour, Sharayah asked Kelsey’s mum to take a photo of them. But little did Kelsey know this was when Sharayah was going to propose.

Sharayah had a whole speech planned, but all that came out was “you know how much I love you, right?”

Then Kelsey broke down crying, already knowing what was happening.

Sharayah got down on one knee and asked the big question, and of course, it was a big YES! Then we nearly got washed away from a wave.

Talk to us about your experience finding the perfect outfits.

S: It took a long time to find the right outfits for both of us as I wanted to wear an emerald suit but could not find one anywhere. I was going to get it made until I found a velvet eggplant color suit jacket and fell in love with it. Kelsey had many wedding dress shopping days with the mothers and sisters until she found the perfect one. 

What does marriage mean to you?

Marriage says this is the person I want to grow old with and have a family with. They are the person that you would die for and want to murder every day but could never hurt! They are your everything, and you want to spend your last dying breath with them. 

Advice for other couples planning a wedding?

DO NOT STRESS! It is stressful, and you want everything to be perfect, but the things that go wrong make it your day, and NOTHING IS PERFECT! Also, enjoy every single second because you plan for this day for a long time, and then all of a sudden, it is over. Yes, you have had the most amazing day of your life, but it comes and goes so fast, so enjoy the process.

Photography by Anni Maria Photography

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