Swedish women, Kim & Sade, were the first same-sex couple to ever be married in the Church of Åmot, Sweden. They share with us their engagement and their wedding planning journey.

DWH: Sweden looks divine! What do you both do there?

K & S: We love to spend time at second-hand shops and sipping coffee in the cosy cafes of Malmo. We also spend time in Sädes parent’s cottage in Northern Sweden – it’s pure paradise. Think sauna, big lakes to bathe in, fresh vegetables and fruit from the garden and our favourite part, complete silence. It’s our favourite place, and it’s where we got married.

DWH: Sounds, perfect. How did you both meet?

K & S: We have been together for around 2.5 years, thanks to Tinder! After writing to each other for about a week we met up one rainy Sunday. Since then, we’ve been inseparable.

K & S: It was New Year’s Eve and we spent the holidays in the village of Åmot where Sädes parents have their cottage. It had been snowing a lot during the night and everything was covered in frost when we went for a morning walk around the lake. Along the path, there is a bridge named Kärleksbron (The Bridge of Love).

On the middle of that bridge, Kim stopped and gave Säde a small notebook, in which she has been writing down important moments that they have shared in their relationship.

On the last page she had described that actual moment they were sharing right there on the bridge, she continued by proposing to Säde. It was magical.

Our Engagement lasted one year, to the day.

DWH: It sounds so romantic. So finding the venue was easy for you, how did you go finding your wedding vendors?

K & S:  We searched online for almost everything used Pinterest, a lot. The florist and venue were already decided, since they lived nearby and were friends to Sädes family.

The photographer was the trickiest, since we didn’t live in Åmot or nearby we didn’t know anybody that could help us. So we did a shout out on Facebook, and someone tagged our amazing photographer in the comments. And that’s how we got in contact with him.

DWH: And what a fabulous job your photographer has done! How did you go about wedding styling?

K & S: We wanted something that reflected the nature of the location, the Swedish winter and forest. So we used a lot of pine and other things from the surrounding nature in the decorations.

The birch tree is a very common tree in northern Sweden, so there was a lot of Birch; our engagement ring is also in Birch pattern.

Almost everything was DIY. We hung up pine branches in the ceiling, had tree stumps on the table with candles, pine cones sprayed with a touch of gold, etc.

DWH: And, how did you go finding your perfect outfits?

K & S: We didn’t want identical dresses but both wanted something with lace. Kim found her first and later on Säde found her dress. Both were bought online and we were so nervous when they arrived home and we tried them on.

Suddenly it felt real; we were getting married.

K & S: It felt very special and many people from the village were a part of our wedding. Our guests stayed in a bed and breakfast run by locals and friends to Sädes family. The meat in the restaurant came from a farm across the field, and the photographer lived 3 minutes away from the church.

It is a little village so rumour spread fast – the day after we went to the local grocery store to buy some food and got congratulations from the people.

DWH: So, the big day rolls around, how did it all go?

K & S: 30 minutes before the wedding the zipper on Kim’s wedding dress broke. Everybody panicked. People in the church were wondering where we were and people started asking on Facebook if the wedding was going to happen (we live streamed it!).

A few stitches and safety pins later we rushed to the ceremony, being 15 minutes late. It was stressful but also a funny story to tell – afterwards.

During the ceremony, we stumbled on our dresses, But we wouldn’t want it in any other way.

It was a very intimate wedding and a very emotional day; we were about 20 people – just our closest family. Kims sister sang during the ceremony.

Unfortunately, Kim’s dad passed away some months before the wedding, so there was an empty seat in the church. She lit a candle before the ceremony started to welcome him and we really felt that he was there.

The dinner and party felt like a big family dinner since Kim’s family lives in the south part of Sweden and Sädes a 12 hour drive up north from there everyone met for the first time, but it sure didn’t feel like it!

DWH: It sounds intimate and perfect. What does marriage feel like to you both?

K & S: Spending your days with your best friend and giving all your love and support to that someone. Promising to support each other, be a team – no matter what.

DWH: Do you have any advice for other couples planning their wedding day?

K & S: Decide your ambition level early. Your budget, how much time you actually want to spend planning the wedding?

Also, think about who the important people you want to share your day with are. There’s no right or wrong. It’s not a right to be invited – it’s a privilege.

And, of course, small emergencies can happen on the day, dresses can break, but don’t let it be a biggie – you will make it through and hopefully laugh a little about it all.

Petrowskji Photography (Sweden)