Kirsty and I met at work 8 years ago. I was 18 and she was 21, she asked me out and things developed naturally from there. We moved out together, travelled together, and grew together.

Around our five year anniversary I decided it was time to ask this beautiful woman to marry me. While Australia didn’t quite have marriage equality law, it was on the horizon, and I knew I wanted to ask her to marry me regardless!

Kirsty loves photos, taking them, posting them, putting them up around our home, so I organised to have a ‘couple’s photoshoot’ which Kirsty had always wanted to do! I contacted Dani from Lightsmith Images (which at the time was ‘One Giant Leap’, fitting name for what I was about to do) as I loved her candid style and warm editing. I also knew she was gay and married to a woman so would be comfortable with our proposal. Little did I know she would be sooo excited by the opportunity to capture our proposal and help me plan this super special surprise. We picked a historic village from the area Kirsty and I grew up for the shoot.

On the day we got ready at home, I was crazy nervous, hadn’t had a decent nights sleep in almost a week. We picked our outfits and did our hair and makeup. I nearly blew it when I suggested the waterproof mascara but quickly recovered, and we finished up. For the drive out I’d made a playlist with all our favourite songs, sweet ones, ones that we’d sing along to and some Disney classics, I said it was to get us in a cute couply mood for the shoot. We arrived and met with our photographer and went to start our ‘couples shoot’.

I had a ring. I had a plan. I had my gorgeous girl. I was set. I wanted it to be perfect. I had created a scrapbook of our years together; our first photo, our first anniversary, our holidays and so many beautiful memories. The last page had no photo, but I had left a space for one with the caption ‘our engagement photo here…’.

I took her hands and poured my heart out. It was short and sweet. I promised to love and care for her always and asked if she promised to have to the tomato off my burger and snuggle up with me to watch Disney movies. I was shaking. I could feel my knees struggle to hold me up. I pulled out the ring and looked up for her reply… “yes, yes, one hundred times yes!” I placed the ring on her finger and fell into her arms!

I will always remember that embrace. There were tears all around, even the photographer and the next two hours were filled with so much love and emotion! We wandered around the grounds, hand in hand, finding cute little spots to grab a few snaps! It was amazing to just stay all wrapped up in the moment and soak up all the amazing feelings of joy and love! We laughed as I spilled the beans about all my covert planning and secret undercover operations.

Kirsty and I are now 2 and a half years on, and Australia has passed marriage equality laws allowing us to wed legally! FINALLY!!! We are planning our wedding for 11th May 2019, just a few days after our eight year anniversary! We can’t wait!


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