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Lane & Leslie – A Last Minute Elopement Change

Lane & Leslie – A Last Minute Elopement Change

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After planning a micro-wedding, Covid-19 restrictions started to tighten and plans had to change quickly. They found a new venue, a new officiant and surrounded by just a handful of guests they married.

Tell us a little about yourselves, what you do for work and fun? 

We both work in healthcare. Currently, Lane travels as a Histotech, and I am a nurse at a local hospital doing case management for Covid patients. 

We both enjoy outdoor activities. Lane bikes a lot, and I run. She enjoys a cold beer on the ride-on lawnmower as I garden. We are always down for a brew on a warm summer patio or fire pit nights in the fall/winter. We love our friends and spend a lot of time (pre covid) traveling with them or to them. 

How long have you been together, and how did you meet?  

We have been together for five and a half years and met at a cookout at a mutual friend’s house for a birthday party. We instantly started talking and couldn’t stay away from each other all night. I found myself sitting next to her every chance I could and didn’t even realize it until later. While everyone else left or fell asleep, we stayed up sitting on her longboard in the driveway drinking sake out of the bottle. It was a perfect warm summer night under a star-lit sky! 

Aside from your wedding, what is your favorite memory together? 

For both of us, it’s the 80’s party. I met Lane a week prior and soon became Facebook friends. On FB, she invited me to an 80’s party, and I accepted and met her at a mutual friend’s house. I was so nervous to show up with my curly hair and bangs fluffed. All ratted up sporting my high-top Reeboks. She greeted me with neon sleeves and a white-washed blue jean vest. I remember being so excited but playing it cool with my heart pounding. Once she smiled at me, I felt like I was instantly ok and there was no place I’d rather be.

We proceeded to the party where I knew no one besides her and our mutual friend. I noticed my cooler was leaking and was embarrassed to carry it in and leak water all over the floor. She laughed at me when I told her, grabbed the cooler, and put it over her shoulder. She took my hand and walked in with me. I thought, wow, she is my hero. She put the cooler in the kitchen sink, and all was right with the world.  

We danced all night and ended the night with a group photo in which she was holding a slinky. Without saying anything, she handed me one end, and at the same time, we both pulled it apart and held it high in the air, making a perfect impromptu backdrop. I thought, wow, she could read mine or I hers, not sure what’s going on here, but we’re on the same page, and THAT’S RARE! 

Tell us about the proposal.  

I flew to California for a wedding from Texas. I used to live there, so I planned to stay the weekend and see some friends. To celebrate my being in town, I was invited to a cookout the day after the wedding. There I met up with a ton of my friends, and we chilled for a bit. I had myself a beer and was so glad to be there around everyone. 

I remember telling my friend Kendra that the only thing missing was my girlfriend Lane. If she were here, this would be the perfect day. I continued to hang for an hour or so, then all of a sudden, my friend Karri (who is in a band and well known for her songwriting skills) sits me down and tells me she wrote a song and wants to sing it for me. She sits me in a chair, and I thought it was weird that all my friends gathered behind me. 

Karri starts to play her acoustic guitar, and I begin to hear a very distinct voice from behind me, and it proceeds to get closer. To my, surprise Lane comes from within the crowd singing Adam Sanders’ song “I wanna grow old with you” as Karri plays it on the guitar. Lane then came up to me, kneels, and presents a ring while asking for my hand in marriage. Shocked and in disbelief, I shout “yes,” and held out both hands because I couldn’t remember what hand the ring is supposed to go on. 

Talk us through the decision to elope. 

We actually had more of a micro wedding. Initially, we had invited around sixty people. Once COVID restriction came through that crowds were restricted to 25% of venue capacity, we knew the original plan wasn’t going to work. We then had to make the tough decision on who to un-invite or not send out invites to. 

We then had to change our venue as our current venue would only hold ten guests tops. So we end up sending out around thirty invites, knowing not all would be able to attend. Around twenty-five, people could come and celebrate with us, and we created a Facebook page to keep up with all the changes. It was a small, intimate ceremony and reception at a brewery- craft beer and love-filled the venue that night.  

Talk us through your actual day.

We wanted an opportunity for people to meet. So we had a mix and mingle to start with wine and beer ready to serve. 

At the ceremony, Lane was waiting with her sister, brother, father, and nephew. Then the music started playing, and I walked with my mom and daughter by my side. It was such a beautiful moment!

After we were married, we simply walked a few steps to greet our friends who were scattered randomly around the brewery. No bridesmaids, flowers, seating arrangements, or cake. Very informal ceremony and reception.  

We returned shortly after we had pictures outside, grabbed some beers, and started to greet everyone and mingle. After the buffet was ready and food was served, the night ended on the dance floor and smiles all around. It was such a great party and everything we had hoped for!

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