We have been together since Jan 2014. We met on a social media website where Nicole posted a lot of her drawings. Laura was a fan and eventually started messaging Nicole. We then began messaging each other back and forth.

Our favorite memory together was a spontaneous date we went on in 2015. We were both university students at the time, and Laura was visiting Nicole in Toronto. We were going to have dinner at this fantastic Indian restaurant but ended up wandering the city for several hours. We ended up at Nathan Philips Square and capped off the night with a spontaneous showing of Carol (2015).

Laura was initially going to wait until our first anniversary in January to propose but couldn’t hold out. She proposed in front of her entire family on Christmas Day.

We had initially planned for a 2021 wedding, but we just got too tired of the long-distance. By 2021, it would have been seven years of long-distance. So we just decided to elope, planning the wedding in just six weeks.

Nicole’s closest friends and family came from Toronto to NYC for our wedding. Laura’s family were all based in New York, so it was easy for them to travel to NYC. Even though Laura’s family was all from NY, they were late to the wedding. That New York traffic really sucks! We eloped on the High Line with lots of spectators, including our friends and family. Afterward, we went to eat delicious Chinese hot pot and BBQ.

Photographer Hector Javier

H&MU Blo Blow Dry Bar
Officiant Bizu Solomon from Honeybreak Officiants
Restaurant 99 Flavor Taste
Wedding Rings Holden Rings