Laura and Tana met online around a year and a half ago, and when Laura decided the time was right to propose she kept it a secret.

Laura hired a photographer to capture the moment – because she loves to document everything. She was also stressed, and trying her very best to act nothing out of ordinary. To get Tana out the door on time, she knew that she’d need to make up an excuse, and a “breakfast reservation” was perfect.

They head out for the day to Canmore, a place that they were yet to explore together. A spot was planned out between Laura and the photographer, Karly, and as she made her way to it, Laura had a mild panic that she couldn’t spot Karly anywhere. It turns out, Karly was just really well hidden in the trees.

Amongst the beautiful scenery, Laura asked Tana, ‘will you marry me?’

Photography by Karly Ford Photo