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Lauren & Morgan

Lauren & Morgan

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We have been together for two years. We met on Tinder [hey, don’t knock it]. She was living in Chattanooga at the time, and I was in Atlanta. We would have never met if not for the app. We jokingly talk about needing to send a “thank you” gift basket to the folks at Tinder all the time. Our first date was at Honey Bubble near Ponce City Market in Atlanta. The bubble tea turned into a walk; the walk turned into a trip to Cook Out because I needed Cheerwine immediately. The rest is history.

I know Morgan went back and forth with a million proposal ideas. She finally decided she would propose to me with a cute trail of love letters on the beach during our next vacation. That ended up not feeling right. She ended up proposing to me at home.

We were in a deep conversation, and I was going through some anxiety. I have severe anxiety, and she is honestly the perfect medicine. Anyway, we were talking, and she got up and said, “I will be right back.” She came back twenty minutes later with a ring box in her hand [she must have had it hidden somewhere, I blame her sister.]. She knows how I am with surprises. I freeze up. She gave me three options: 1. now, 2. her original plan, and 3. in the future. I then proceeded to tell her how I would absolutely not want all the traditional bridal party things etc. She said, “is that a now, then?”.

Then she just asked me.

I was wearing a Christmas onesie in July. We were surrounded by all three of our fur babies, and it was perfect. She also showed my dog the ring before showing me- he got more excited than I have ever seen him before.

When we talked about a possible engagement in the past, I started scouring the internet for any rings I would like. We went and tried some on at local jewelers. Nothing ended up feeling like “me.” Lauren’s grandmother offered her a 4ct custom diamond ring she designed in Arizona. It is absolutely perfect for me. It looks like a flower in bloom or a firework, and like nothing anyone else has- or that I have ever seen before, honestly.

I still can’t believe that we’re engaged, honestly. I sometimes forget I have my ring on and look down at my hand and melt all over again. We already lived together, so daily life does not feel all that different. I feel like we almost relaxed into our engagement. For me, it just feels like we are taking our next steps together.

Our idea of marriage is way bigger than ourselves. In Brandy Carlile’s song “I belong to you,” there are the lyrics “we’ll lend our hands and take our stands in tandem when we do.” That is what this engagement means to me. Changing the world, but together.

Thankfully for us, Morgan is a planner! About a week into our engagement, she started looking at venues. I have always been obsessed with this little 60’s style hotel down the street named The Dwell. It just so happens that they do weddings and have queer ownership. Which, if you know about the south, is impressive.

They basically do everything for us, which is ideal because it is not our style to gather all these vendors. Having it all done at the same place will give our day that chill vibe that we have always wanted. Our Save the Dates are done, they match the palm wallpaper featured in the hotel’s lobby.

Our photographer is Morgan’s sister, Amanda. She has gained quite a following from her art and photography and is fantastic! Morgan’s sister in law is a hairdresser, and Morgan’s grandmother is a florist. Of course, Morgan is a makeup artist. So I guess you can say it is a family affair! I tell them all the time they need to join forces and do weddings all the time! I am grateful that we have all our bases already covered.

We’ll get married in Tennessee in March of 2020.

Photography by Amanda Booker

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