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Lauren & Nernwon – Two Surprise Proposals on the Same Day.

Lauren & Nernwon – Two Surprise Proposals on the Same Day.

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Both proposals were surprises, that happened to be planned on the very same day. Nernwon proposed during a sunrise hot air balloon adventure, Lauren had hers professionally photographed in the butterfly garden.

Tell us about the proposal!

We were going to Scottsdale for a girl’s trip with two close friends. It was the perfect cover (great minds think alike). Lauren planned this proposal around what Nernwon would want to feel and how the moment would be captured. Lauren also thought about who she’d want to celebrate with. 

Nernwon is a Virgo, and the best thing to keep the proposal secret was to do it during her birthday month because she would never suspect Lauren proposing during Virgo season. Originally, Lauren planned to do it at the Grand Canyon, but she wanted a professional photographer to capture the moment and want something more intimate. So instead, we went to a butterfly garden before dinner with our friends under the guise of taking group photos, and she proposed there.

Nernwon proposed to Lauren earlier in the day after a private sunrise hot air balloon ride. Nernwon thought about Lauren having an experience that matched the feeling of our love, and both of us had hot air ballooning on our bucket list. So on a trip with our closest friends in the hot air balloon capital of the US, Nernwon ticked off two bucket list items. Hot air ballooning and making Lauren her wife. 

Unfortunately, the surprise was almost ruined by a hot air balloon operator who kept calling attention to a photographer taking photos. Then, Nernwon almost ruined it herself by trying to take a sneaky photo behind Lauren’s back. It was a stressful, love-filled morning. 

Tell us about the engagement ring experience.

We started looking for rings in 2019. Neither of us wanted a diamond because we live our lives in color and love gemstones. Lauren found her amethyst ring intuitively at Jared’s early on. Nernwon took two years to find a morganite ring that exceeded what she had in her mind. She finally found one on an Etsy shop in July 2021. 

What does your engagement mean to you both? Has anything changed?

Nernwon: Getting engaged meant what was assumed and felt is now confirmed — that I have a partner for life, and we will always choose each other first and foremost. Being engaged makes me think of us as a family long-term and weigh the important things. 

Lauren: Getting engaged means committing to growth and doing my best every day so I can be the best partner and person I can be for her for the rest of my life. 

How is wedding planning going? What do you hope for your wedding to be like?

This is a big financial commitment, so wedding planning is on the back burner as we figure out if we will graduate school next year, continue working, and what we can afford. Of course, we would be paying for everything ourselves, so we want to do this right and smartly. 

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