Inspired by fields of lavender, this styled edit out of Spain is the perfect mix of rustic and romance. It is all the purple wedding inspiration you’ll ever need. 

A note from the stylist:

Brihuega is a small historic and magic village in Guadalajara, Spain. It is famous for its natural and handmade honey and very recently for lavender.

For years we have celebrated the harvest of the lavender crop in Brihuega. A celebration the began among friends and today has almost turned into a tradition.

To walk through its fields, replete of this aromatic and magic plant, is to live a full sensory experience. A great natural spectacle; the flowering and the harvest of the lavender. Millions of flowers populate the fields of lavender, this is what induces the best chromatic and olfactory scene.

Millenary plant, recognized by his curative effects, pain relievers and relaxing, providing peace and clarity of mind. To emotional level, it induces to the happiness, positivism, tenderness and love.

Our protagonists, Sofia and Ana, are victims of his effects and of this magic celebration, in which they meet and fall in love. After one year together, they decide to seal their love, marrying secretly in the same place where they saw each other for the first time.

The intense aroma and the breeze of his fields, the placement of the Sun, the powerful colour of this flower, the stone pavement that surrounds it, accompanied by the silence and the peace, make this magical place the perfect scene for a romantic and intimate secret wedding.

Find the full list of creatives below:

Planning, Styling & Production La MendA LerendA | Cinematography Morgan Marinoni | Photography Lara Onac | Drone DronBow | Wedding Dress Blanco de Novia (Anna Campbell, Yolancris, Ramon Herrerias) | Florals Aquilea Flores | Jewellery Eugenio Lumbreras (diamonds, emeralds, amethysts) | MUAH Lucia’s Makeup | Hats & Hairpieces Monisima de la Muerte  | Lovers Sonia OrdasAndrea Bautista  | Furniture Rental La Gata Azul | Ice cream Tricycle Carritos Pecae