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LGBTQ+ Honeymoons in Hong Kong

LGBTQ+ Honeymoons in Hong Kong

Inclusive Gay LGBTQ+ wedding honeymoon travel and accommodation tips to Hong Kong 3

Sure, it might be famous for being one of the most diverse business centres in the world, but the truth is, Hong Kong has so much more to offer to newlyweds on their honeymoon than meets the eye.

Hong Kong sits in a special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. While it’s still rich with Chinese culture, it is also heavily influenced by its once British colonies. 

At first glance, it might resemble a concrete jungle, if you will, but Hong Kong’s mountainous terrain is indeed so steep that more than 40% of its mass is made up of parks and nature reserves. With beautiful beaches and a cultural mix of new and old-world charm, Hong Kong, which is made up of more than 300 islands, has it all. 

While there might not be marriage equality or anti-discrimination laws, it doesn’t seem too far coming. Hong Kong has such a rich and diverse LGBTQ+ history and culture; you just need to know where to look.

Inclusive Gay LGBTQ+ wedding honeymoon travel and accommodation tips to Hong Kong (6)

Hong Kong sits south of China’s mainland, and you’ll arrive at the not-so-big Hong Kong International Airport from anywhere you come. The public transport system in Hong Kong is fantastic. Of course, you could grab a taxi, but it will cost you considerably more, and it’s almost easier not to.

An Octopus card, which is super easy to grab from the airport, will get you on all forms of public transport. A must when you’re getting out and about. Trust us, you’ll want to skip the walk through the bustling and near-vertical streets by the end of the day. 

Depending on what holiday you are looking for, you’ll either find yourself staying on Hong Kong Island or the Kowloon side. The island is indeed more commercial, and it’s where you’ll find the nightlife, but Kowloon has a little more of traditional China that you’ll grow to adore. 


Go up. It might sound a little strange, but in a city where they’re capped out at our wide, it can grow. Buildings are getting higher, and sometimes the hidden gems are up a ride in an elevator. You’ll find anything from fairtyle-themed cocktail lounges to bowling alleys and book stores to rooftop bars.

A trip to Hong Kong couldn’t be without taking a quick minute (only 10 minutes or so) to ride on the ferry between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. We’d suggest the Star Ferry at night because the iconic Hong Kong Island skyline indeed does hold up to its reputation – it’s best seen from Kowloon.

Take time out from the big city life and head out to one of the beaches, find waterfalls and discover local villages and markets. Cheung Chau stands out, with some of the best hiking Hong Kong offers and breathtaking views. 

If you want to spend time in the city, head up the longest escalator, the Mid-Level Escalator, taking you to the SoHo District, South of Hollywood Road. You’ll find loads of trendy bars and boutiques, art galleries, and vintage stores. Nearby you’ll find a thriving art scene bringing together some of the most incredible artists and jewelers from around the globe.

If all you want to do is spend time getting lost amongst the provinces, take your Octopus card and get lost. There is so much to explore through the small streets lined with towering buildings, some old and some new. 

Also, do yourself a favor, and book the local LGBTQ+ walking tour. Host, Benita Chick, has been working with the community across Asia for years, and spending a few hours strolling through the city learning about the sometimes traumatic history of how LGBTQ+ people have lived is incredibly enriching. You’ll even get the opportunity to stop by local gay bars.


Hong Kong isn’t known for affordable accommodation. The cost of housing and living in Hong Kong are some of the most expensive in the world. However, for honeymoon accommodation, there are some incredible options.

Something a little cheaper – 

Airbnb has some really unique and affordable options. You’ll find the spaces are generally pretty small but aren’t honeymoons about cozying up with your new married status? Opt for ones that are close to public transport or not too far to walk from.

Prices start at around $60USD per night.

Something a little more – 

Residence G is a vibrant lifestyle hotel. Industrially designed and inspired with a subtle urban accent. It reflects the rhythms of metropolitan Hong Kong with cutting-edge guest rooms and lofts. There is also a French restaurant downstairs you’ll want to try. Is there ever too much french pate and good wine in your life?

Prices start at around $230USD per night.

Going all out – 

Hotel Icon is one of, if not the most, inclusive hotel in Hong Kong. Suites overlooking the iconic skyline are nothing short of incredible and if you really want to go all out, go for an upgrade. You will not be disappointed! Need we mention the bath overlooks the city, fills from the roof, and your minibar is all-inclusive? They’ll even leave a personalized gift for your arrival. Hotel Icon also boasts one of Hong Kong’s best breakfast and seafood buffets, don’t miss them. In addition, the team is incredibly LGBTQ+ friendly, the only hotel in Hong Kong with a Pride Package that includes the LGBTQ+ walking tour and non-discrimination policies for staff.

Prices start at around $260USD per night.


Hong Kong is a multicultural city, which always translates into a city with everything regarding food. Whether it be French or Indian food, Hong Kong’s food scene is as diverse as its people.

However, no trip to Hong Kong would be complete without some ever delicious Yum Cha. Expect to wait in some longer queues for the good places, and One Dim Sum is a must. Don’t be afraid to over-order!

You’ll be surprised at the city’s cleanliness. So let your hair down and devour some of the street food, particularly around Kowloon.

For sweets, don’t miss out on a delicious eggette. Again, Oddies Foodies is a standout. These crispy sweet waffles filled with delights (try the apple pie!) served with delicious soft serve are a calorie-rich sweet you deserve.

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