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LGBTQ+ Honeymoons in Lisbon, Portugal

LGBTQ+ Honeymoons in Lisbon, Portugal

Lesbian LGBTQ+ wedding honeymoon travel and accommodation tips to Lisbon Portugal (12)

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, and Portugal has some of the most progressive rights for LGBTQ+ marriage, adoption, and legalities surrounding gender identification. The country even has a ban on discrimination based on sexual orientation enshrined in its Constitution – which makes it the perfect [safe] place for a honeymoon!

If the glorious year-round Mediterranean weather and ancient meets modern architecture haven’t drawn you in, the culture will. There’s epic nightlife, a coastline if you’re looking for more of a relaxing beachside escape, and there’s plenty of museums and history to explore. It’s a capital city that really does have a little bit of everything. 

The official language of Lisbon is Portuguese; however, English is widely spoken, and the country has organizations that specifically work on making the city as accessible for people with mobility issues as possible – there is no reason why everyone can’t enjoy this unique city!

Lesbian LGBTQ+ wedding honeymoon travel and accommodation tips to Lisbon Portugal (12)

Portugal rests just west of Spain, and Lisbon, it’s the capital city, is on its southeastern coastline. Depending on where in the world you come from, you might travel by train or arrive at Lisbon International Airport, conveniently located just 4.5 miles [or 7 kilometers] from the city center. In less than 15 minutes, you’ll be checking into accommodation and getting ready to explore!

Getting to the city is easy. You can catch a taxi if you’re pressed for time. Just be sure to ask the driver to turn on the meter, and don’t fall for the common ‘set fare’ scam! If you want to save a little cash, both the train and the bus are great options. If you are getting on public transport, don’t forget to grab and top up a Viva Viagem card – a card that allows you to be cash-free. You’ll want this for your entire stay because public transport is cheap and efficient – the best way to get around.


Where do we start?!

Lisbon is a colorful city; you’ll find pink streets, yellow buildings, and castles painted red. However, it is also the city of hills so we would suggest you pack some shoes that you’re comfortable walking distances in.

If you want a break from hiking up hills, get tickets to an electric bike tour! You’ll have the opportunity to explore the Alfama, Chiado, and Bairro Alto districts and cycle past Lisbon landmarks like Sé de Lisboa Cathedral [where the stained glass windows will blow your mind].

Lisbon is also packed to the brim with world-class restaurants; seafood is their specialty. But, its reputation for art and culture will make you fall in love with this European city. Lisbon is home to the most extensive collection of modern and ancient art, which can be found at MAAT [Art, Architecture, and Technology Museam] – in an incredible contemporary building. 

If shopping at flea markets is more your style, Lisbon is home to some of the oldest. Operating since the 13th century, the Feira da Ladra has been set up and running from the exact location since 1903. We suggest getting in early, before the crowds, to snag up the second-hand books and vintage silks.  

If you want to get lost with each other, explore sunsets. There are multiple vantage points, and because those hills aren’t scarce, it will be easy to get up high. So pack a picnic and some red wine and make your way to the beach. Or you could find a rooftop bar with jazz music and cocktails, or head up to one of the castles [hot tip: the castles are close to the public early, but in most cases, you’ll still be able to access the grounds!] and watch the sunset over the whole city.


There are so many unique and affordable places to stay in Lisbon. The city’s creative culture is infused into the areas in which tourists can stay. When it comes to honeymoon accommodation, there are some incredible options we’d suggest.

Something a little cheaper – 

Good Morning Hostel serves free waffles in the morning. Need we say more? It is also rated as one of the best hostels in the city, so, if you’re comfortable in a hostel on your honeymoon [they have private rooms; however, these are considerably more expensive], there isn’t a comparison.  

Prices start at around 40€ per night. 

Something a little more – 

Raw Culture comprises a collection of unique lofts, 13 in total. It’s also conveniently located in Bairro Alto and is a stay that will be forever memorable! Each loft is differentiated by various objects and artwork that make them different – one made of concrete, another of steel. In addition, there is a loft designed to spark creativity with this vintage-inspired design, another ode to the glamorous life of flight personnel.

Prices start at around 280€ per night. 

Going all out – 

The Lumiares Hotel & Spa will blow your socks off. Again, this hotel is located in the fashionable Bairro Alto area, and each room is designed more like an apartment. A home away from home, if you will. 

There is a rooftop bar and restaurant, so you won’t need to travel far to see some of the best views of Lisbon, and there’s an onsite spa with an entire wellness and beauty menu that is the perfect honeymoon treat!

Prices start at around 300€ per night. 


Let’s start with the most famous Portuguese dessert- the Portuguese tart- a crunchy, delicious custard treat. Then, we’d suggest shopping around to find your favorite, and they are the perfect treat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

If you’re not vegetarian, expect to have a lot of seafood options. Being so close to the ocean, it’ll be fresh and tasty. Floresta do Salitre is an affordable restaurant that serves traditional food. We’d suggest going a little earlier than you think you should. It usually packs out, particularly for lunch. 

Martim Moniz is also the place to go for modern cocktails with a twist. João Resende, co-owner and bartender, has gone all out creative and infused coffee in almost everyone. So for a perk up, try the Mojito Raiano: rum infused with coffee, ginger beer, vanilla, and passion fruit delicious!

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