Marriage Equality laws changing across the world has seen a steady increase in the number of sexuality and gender diverse people being able to show their commitment through a marriage ceremony. And, where it isn’t legal, Australia we are particularly looking at you, people are choosing to celebrate marriage regardless of what the law states.

We get a lot of questions from vendors asking, ‘how do we let the LGBTQ+ community know we support their love?’ – so we’ve compiled a little list to help you start to establish trust within the community.

Show your support by photographing and sharing sexuality and gender diverse people in your wedding media.

Now, I know this might seem super obvious, but it’s certainly a step often looked over.

If your clients don’t feel like they are represented, they might not feel inspired by your work.

Maybe you haven’t had the opportunity to work with LGBTQ+ couples, time to start showing your support – joining our directory is one way to start! Or, think about putting together a styled shoot featuring more diverse couples. We know there are vendors waiting to collaborate with other vendors that want to show their support too.

Don’t assume.

This is a big one, and it happens all the time. We assume two people want to be labelled as brides because they’re wearing dresses. BUT, let me assure you, your assumptions might put your clients into boxes they don’t want to be in.

Ask questions, listen to what the clients are saying to each other, how they communicate – you might pick up on the terminology they prefer to use and, did we mention, ask questions! If you’re worried you’ll offend, keep this in mind: You will offend a person by labelling them as something they don’t identify as – a person will see you as caring if you ask.

Use gender-free language in your spoken and your written material.

This is a step that’s often forgotten about – you’ve updated your blog to include a same-sex couple, however, when potential clients go to your contact form they’re faced with letting you know who the bride and groom are.

It’s disappointing and will often turn diverse clients away.

It’s just the same when a woman comes to you with an enquiry – ask them to tell you a little more about their partner. See what we did there, we asked the question without making gender assumptions. It really is that easy!

Remember, people who don’t identify as LGBTQ+, but are supportive of the community, do also appreciate this easy change and that might lead to more referrals for their family and friends!

Use the correct pronouns.

She, He, They, Ze… the list continues to grow as we move towards a society that is more open to exploring who we are as people.

Gender exists on a spectrum – some people identify as a women, some as a man, others change day to day or sit somewhere in between.

If you’re not sure, ask: “What pronouns do you both prefer?” It won’t offend – in fact, it’ll show that you are comfortable and care about the experience for your clients, you’re putting them first.


That’s what we are all here for, right?

All love deserves to be celebrated.

Show your ultimate support to the LGBTQ+ community – Sign your business or service up to our online directory. That way our sexuality, gender and body diverse community will know their experience with you will be free from discrimination, and they’ll be treated how they deserve –  as two people, incredibly in love.

Please note: This list is an expression of our own thoughts and is not definitive. Gender, bodies and sexuality exist on a spectrum and time just doesn’t allow us to talk about the inclusivity of all people – however, never hesitate to be in touch for a conversation on the topic.