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Lilian & Tasha – A Queer Proposal in Tennessee

Lilian & Tasha – A Queer Proposal in Tennessee

A Queer Proposal in Tennessee - Same-Sex Engagement - Dancing With Her

Tasha’s dog made her a Mama, and it was always going to be important that her dogs also loved the person she chose to pursue a relationship with. So, she incorporated the pups into a beautifully intimate proposal at home.

Words by Tasha

We definitely don’t have a traditional story of love at first sight, but we knew we would play a huge role in each other’s lives from the moment we met. 

We have seen each other through some very difficult situations, and it has made our friendship grow even deeper. Our relationship’s foundation has always been the trust that we built with each other through that friendship. Long before we were a couple, we knew more about each other’s life stories than most did. We always could spend hours and hours talking about absolutely nothing or everything (especially if good whiskey was involved). It is just something that has always come easy to us. It’s always been easy and comfortable being around each other. 

With just a look, we are able to know what the other is thinking. With just a simple touch of the hand, we can know what the other one needs. While our physical connection is unlike anything either of us has ever felt, we have an emotional and spiritual connection to each other that only the lucky get to experience. 

When we both found ourselves single, and at the end of a challenging chapter of our lives. It didn’t take us long to realize that everything we had been missing in our lives had been right in front of us all along. Now, here we are, planning a wedding, building a future, and living our best lives together.

The proposal was something we had talked about for a while – actually from the very beginning of our relationship. We both knew early on that this was it for us. We had been looking at rings, and I had a feeling that mine had been ordered. However, Lilian had no idea that I had hers hidden in the house for weeks prior to the proposal. It was probably the hardest secret I’ve ever kept.

The proposal was in our bedroom. Anyone that knows me, knows that my dogs are my babies and will always be the ones that “made me a mama.” It’s always been an unspoken rule for me that my boys needed to love the person I was going to marry, and they need to love them like children rather than just dogs. Lilian has done just that. It only made sense to me to have them as part of my proposal to her. So with handmade signs and the ring tied around their collars…they ran upstairs and woke her up by asking her to marry their mama and be ours “forever.”

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