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Lisa & Sophia – Two Brides in Matching Wedding Dresses

Lisa & Sophia – Two Brides in Matching Wedding Dresses

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After shopping for wedding dresses together, Lisa and Sophia chose matching wedding dresses for their simple, magical, forest elopement and reception at home.

How did the love story begin?

L: We met in 2015 and were friends for quite some time. We were at completely different points in life, but both always had a feeling that there was something we couldn’t ignore. When we were both single in 2018, Sophia made the first step, and then everything happened very quickly. We got engaged and married in 2019.

We were super happy when we finally got together after a long time of being just friends. At the end of 2018, we both secretly planned to propose to each other. So it happened that I proposed to Sophia, and she proposed to me a week later. The proposals were both super sweet and very private.

The proposals were both around Christmas time 2018. We were engaged for nine months and married in September 2019.

What lead you to the wedding venue?

We had a civil wedding, and then we rented a space at one of our favorite restaurants from the early days of our relationship. Our small wedding was exactly what we both always wanted.

Our wedding, decor, and hair and makeup were utterly boho look. The pictures that were taken before the civil ceremony were shot in the forest.

We took care of everything ourselves before the wedding: invitations, decorations, etc. On the day itself, our friends and families did most of the surprise DIY. They turned our entire apartment upside down, redecorated it, baked a wedding cake themselves, and gave beautiful speeches. The best thing about the wedding was that Lisa’s dad played the guitar and two singers accompanied the ceremony.

Talk to us about the day of your wedding. 

On the day of the wedding, we went early to our hair and makeup artist and captured the getting ready with our photographer. After that, we went to the nearby forest together and shot all the other pictures there. It was a magical atmosphere. It was a bit rainy, but that’s what gives the photos a super mood. The ceremony was after that with our friends and close family. We spent the afternoon and early evening in the restaurant and afterward some came with us to our home to toast and celebrate.

What are your favorite moments?

We both totally enjoyed getting ready, but the best moment ever was the feeling of finally being married. We both never thought it would ever happen and that it would be possible legally in Germany. Still, we talk about how it was the best decision of our lives and how lucky we were to have met by chance in 2015. 

Advice for other couples planning a wedding?

Don’t drive yourselves wild. The day should be perfect but also the most beautiful day ever. It’s okay for things to go wrong. Personally, we are glad that we didn’t invite hundreds of people we hardly know. The best thing was to have time for everyone and share it with all the people we are close to.

Photography by Markus Braun Photography

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