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Lorna & Tasha – A Peachy Modern Inspired Wedding

Lorna & Tasha – A Peachy Modern Inspired Wedding

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The styled shoot took place at a beautiful venue, The Oakwood at Ryther, a luxury barn venue. Jen organized it from My Pretties UK. Emma from The Petal Studio created the most beautiful ceremony arch adorned with dried hops, willow branches, and rich colored florals. It looked perfect in front of the venue’s fairly-light wall. She created a statement Autumn bouquet for our Lorna and dried bouquets of honesty and pampas for the six bridesmaids.

The stationery by Somers-Creative and cakes from Where the Ribbon Ends were made to complement each other perfectly, both using florals and texture to create their beautiful designs. The cake was given its own fabric adorned pedestal and styled beautifully by Jen at My Pretties UK. The dress provided for Lorna by Millia London was the real show-stopper of the day. With its layers and layers of peach-colored tulle, it couldn’t have been any more perfect.

Words by couple Lorna & Tasha.

L: We met in 2015, we were dating other people, and I thought Tasha was way too cool for me! Nothing happened back then. Skip to 2017, and I had just moved into my own flat after getting out of a terrible relationship, and I get a DM on my makeup account asking if I would be able to do Halloween makeup. The rest is history. 

We bonded mainly on our love of food, Nigella, and music. We would have dance parties in my flat until stupid o’clock, drank and ate until we couldn’t anymore. 

For my Christmas present that year she took me to Amsterdam to the lock bridge and gave me a lock which had a note written on it asking me to be her girlfriend, of course, I said yes! Another year goes by, and we have managed to save enough money for a deposit to buy our first house! After sharing one room at her dad’s house, we couldn’t wait! 

A few months pass, and we go to my parents for what I thought was taking my dad for a late father’s day meal. What I turned up to was all my loved ones in my mum’s summer house, and as I turned around there she was on one knee ’25 years ago today your dad asked your mum to marry him, now I’m asking his daughter. Will you marry me?’ I think I said yes or just cried. I’m not quite sure, but I was on a cloud for around about two weeks! 

We set a date for 2022, and now two dogs, a house and a pandemic later, I still can’t wait to see her when she gets home. I still can’t wait for the cuddle after she’s done a 24-hour shift. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this woman and call her my wife. 

T: We first met in 2015 through a mutual friend who Lorna was casually dating. It was outside a part-time pizza parlor called crazy Pedro’s. Which is a little ironic because it is both mine and Lorna’s favorite thing on earth. Vanessa, at the time who Lorna was dating, shouted me over, and I at the time was seeing someone. When I sat down, my eyes locked on Lorna, and I literally thought to myself, she is the most incredible being I have ever met. I was captivated and mesmerized with her at first sight. We all chatted for a while, and to this day, I still remember what Lorna had worn and how she had her hair. A white shirt, jeans, and hair in two French braids. 

We lost touch for a while. I was living in Brittany, France, for the best part of 2017 and returned to the UK in September 2017. Not long after was Halloween, and I was invited to a party. I was looking at Halloween looks on Instagram, and just like that, a click of a button and Lorna’s makeup page was there. I froze for a bit as I couldn’t believe it. At that point, I remember thinking, “just message her’ so I did. I messaged Lorna asking how much she charged for Halloween makeup.

As punctual as Lorna is, she messaged me back and said, it depends on what you’re having. At that point, I didn’t even know, and we got talking about all Halloween ideas. Lorna said I should do Jack Sparrow as I had dreadlocks at the time. In the end, I never went to this party as my dad fell ill, but Lorna and I kept talking. Lorna even said after a day of not speaking, “missed talking to you today, and after this, we spoke more or less all day every day as friends.

I should mention at this point I should say Lorna had a girlfriend, but I remember thinking I want her in my life as a friend rather than nothing at all. I was home one evening, and I was making a pallet bed, and Lorna and I were texting, mainly artists/songs each other should listen to and I remember saying to Lorna that we should go on an adventure. 

The next evening, Lorna picked me up, and it was the first time being in her company since meeting her at crazy Pedros. I got in her car, and I got butterflies. My heart was racing, but I also felt home. It felt right, and it felt more real than anything I had ever felt. We drove to a random pub, where we sat and caught up on everything we had missed in each other’s lives. On the way back, we stopped in a car park and spoke for an hour about food and recipes. When I got home that evening, I thought about Lorna. Her presence just made my day better in every single way. She was infectious, addictive and I just wanted more of her. 

Down the line, Lorna became single. After countless parties for two in Lorna’s flat, our friendship bloomed, eating far too much, going on adventures. The main ones including our first date. Which was York and me planning a trip to Amsterdam for Lorna’s first Xmas present to officially ask her to be mine on a bridge with a lock. 

We are great individuals but together, we create fire and magic. That storm helped us buy our first house in a year and helped me create the most personal conceptual proposal in front of all our loved ones. One house, two dogs, and a ring later, we have a date March 2022 in the most romantic whimsical venue anyone could wish for. I can’t wait to turn around, holding my breath while holding tears. All while I watch the most insanely beautiful woman walk that little bit closer down the aisle so I can say the two best critical words I will ever speak for the last time ‘I do.’

Photography by Kamila Nowak Photography

Bridesmaid Dresses Asos
Cake Where The Ribbon Ends
Concept & Planning My Prettiest Workshops
Dress Millia London
Florist The Petal Studio
Furniture & Grazing Table Birdcages & Dragonflies
Hair Accessories Saint Beth 
H&MU Chrys Chapman, Lucy Blenkinsop, Emma Denton Makeup 
Rings Sobelle Jewellery
Stationery Somers Creative 
Stylist & Props My Pretties Uk 
Venue The Oakwood At Ryther 

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