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Lou & Mel – An Elopement To The Blue Mountains

Lou & Mel – An Elopement To The Blue Mountains

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When we first met, we lived in different states; one in New South Wales and one in South Australia. We had a mutual friend who introduced us online, and we started interacting via socials. Our connection was super strong from the start, and we bonded instantly. As the days past our bond just kept growing stronger. Before we knew it, we were talking about meeting in person.

We managed to set up our first “date,” and days later, Mel was flying from Adelaide to Newcastle. As cliché as it sounds, the very first time we laid eyes on each other, we knew that was it; we were destined to be together.

The biggest challenge we both faced was at the very beginning of our relationship. We lived 1500kms apart, and both had separate lives at this point. There was a tough decision to be made, but our feelings were just too strong to give up the fight; one of us had to make the big move. Lou decided it would be her, so she packed up her life as she knew it and drove down to Adelaide with her Dad towing her life in a trailer right behind her. We then began our new life as soulmates and never looked back!

Ever since we have been inseparable, Side-by-side, we have built the best life, spending our time doing all the things we love. The most memorable time we have spent together was our road trip across the Nullarbor. One day we decided to take a few days off work, jump in the car, and drive across the country. We started from our home at the time, about 50km north from Adelaide, and made our way to the Western Australia border and back over three days. Along the way, we stopped at the Head of the Bight to look at the whales and their newborn calves, managing to take some epic pics of the limestone coastline. We camped in the middle of nowhere, just the two of us, Wolf Creek style, but the night sky was breathtaking and worth it!

We both absolutely love the individuals we have become since we entered each other’s lives. Both bringing out the qualities in each other that makes us the best possible versions of ourselves. We make each other laugh literally every day and always support each other through thick and thin. We love that we share the same values and morals and believe that family is the most important thing in our lives.

Our future has become a whole lot brighter, knowing that we get to spend it together as wives. The first milestone of our future was to get married, which we have now achieved! Our wedding was the perfect day that we had planned and imagined. And everybody there commented that it was “very Lou and Mel.” The next step is to give our cat-son Ralph a little brother or sister in the human form and continue to build our life together and accomplish our career goals. And our dreams seem much more achievable while we’re doing life together.

Our Blue Mountain Elopement was, by far, the best day of our lives. The emotions running were intense, the views spectacular, and the company made the day the most memorable yet. We couldn’t have pulled it all off without Ben (photography), Kim (celebrant), Cooper (The Wilderness Chef), and the support of our parents, sisters, and co., and most of all our drinking buddies/best friends that helped us get through it all, Lin and Tim.

Blue Mountains lesbian gay elopement wedding photography Kings & Thieves Dancing With Her magazine directory

Photography by Kings & Thieves

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