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Lucy & Nadia – A Weekday, DIY, Destination Wedding at Gerringong

Lucy & Nadia – A Weekday, DIY, Destination Wedding at Gerringong

Lesbian gay Jewish cultural wedding in Gerringong NSW Australia captured by Phat Ngo (1)

Sydney celebrant, Lucy Suze Celebrant, met Nadia 13 years ago at a friend’s wedding reception at Sydney’s Italian Festival. The friends were performing in the festival as a faux ‘Romeo & Juliet’ style show, and Lucy played the best bridesmaid character in a bright yellow lycra outfit in front of 30,000 people. She had a drawn-on mustache and monobrow. The show turned into a real wedding, followed by a party in the back streets of Darlinghurst, there was a bit of flirting, but nothing happened. However, over time love blossomed, and two kids, a dog, two rabbits, a house, and a few overseas trips later.

Tell us about the proposal.

This was pre-kids. Nadia and I went to Europe for a month, two weeks in Italy and two weeks in Spain. Our eating, shopping, eating, praying, and love adventure.

Nadia was planning to propose in Venice, Italy. So we were going out to a restaurant that night, and I met a guy in the hotel lobby called Brian, from America, and his fiancé was not feeling well, so I invited him to dinner, thinking he wouldn’t come. Later at the restaurant, Nadia gave the waiter the ring and instructed her to bring it out for dessert. Brian arrived, though, and we all got very drunk, and that plan was thwarted, so the proposal was the following day while doing one of our favorite things, eating a buffet breakfast.

The day was very cheesy, romantic, and perfect, as Nadia had a gondola ride planned for us later in the day.

I was telling everyone who would listen that we just got engaged.

One man we met said “at the same time,” thinking we had each snagged a husband!

What was the inspiration behind the theme of your wedding?

Our theme was “express yourself” we didn’t want our guests to feel stifled or uncomfortable. We wanted people to wear what made them feel sexy or comfortable. So the reception was on grass, either shoes on or off, sexy dresses or suits or not much, whatever made each person feel their best! It was the perfect theme for us, as we don’t like dictating how and what people should wear or look like. We have a very colourful and eclectic group of friends, so we left them to make the most of it.

Also, Nadia and I have very different dress senses, which suits our personalities.
The only requirement was for our wedding party to wear white, but anything they wanted, as long as it was white.

Talk to us about your experience finding the perfect outfits.

We had our excellent friend, Robbie, create haute couture dresses for us. Our first time getting something special like this made to fit our bodies. It was such a great experience to spend time devoted to creating the dresses for our wedding. We knew what style suited us personally and aesthetically, but with his great ideas, Robbie pulled it all together so beautifully for us.

Talk to us about the wedding!

The day was fabulous. All the elements we had thought about were there and came off without a hitch. The sun came out five minutes after the ceremony was due to start. Our friend was singing, and her voice was sensational, plus she was dressed like a cabaret star. We had a good friend do our make-up, Emma Jane, Robbie on dresses, Tim on reception, and all the local vendors were outstanding and relaxed. We let go and just had the best time.

Did you incorporate any family or religious traditions into the day?

Nadia is Jewish, so we stood under the chuppah. The four pillars were made by a local sculptor who we have become friends with at the Addison Rd markets. At the end of the ceremony, we also ‘broke the glass,’ another Jewish tradition— a nod to Nadia’s fantastic heritage.

What does marriage mean to you?

Marriage is the joining of both our families. Marriage is about waking up next to someone you trust, respect, and love, and if those things start to slide, you know you will both do whatever it takes to make sure you get back on track. Someone you always TRY to be honest with, love, and communicate all that you need to with each other.

Marriage is comfortable but not complacent. A strong knowing that you have each other’s backs at all times, but if you slip up, you have someone who holds you accountable.

Marriage is not about being defensive, and it’s about listening and being open with because you know this person loves you and has your best interests at heart, always.
It’s about family.

Advice for other couples planning a wedding?

Do it your way. We didn’t partake in many traditions, like cutting the cake, first dance, first look, those kinds of things, work out what is important to YOU, and then work backward, do it that way. Be authentic at all times, in all your decisions, with vendors, and choices all of the above.

Wear what you want, what makes you feel sexy AF.

Lastly, is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

One of the best things about our wedding was that we celebrated it over a few days. Because it was a destination wedding and we had family coming from Tasmania and interstate, there were plenty of family members who hadn’t met. So we had pizza and drinks the afternoon before the wedding where everyone got to know each other.

On the actual wedding day, they were more familiar and relaxed with each other.

We then had a recovery party the next day, with catering and DJ and cocktails, where everybody got to reminisce about how great the day before was. It really was the best way to do it because the actual wedding day goes so fast, and it all becomes a blur with all that heightened emotion.

You’ll find Lucy in our online directory of inclusive wedding vendors.

Photography by Phat Ngo

Bar Henry Clive Caravan Bar
Catering Garnish Catering
Celebrant Cecily Hardy
Cinematographer GCC Visuals
Decorative Elements South Coast Party Hire
Dress Designer Best man Robbie Geammal
Engagement & Wedding Rings Mondial by Nadia
Entertainment Muma Megs
H&MU Emma Jane Redmond
Planner | Stylist Wed Event Creators
Shoes Bared Shoes
Seacliff House, Gerringong

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