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Maria & Reetta

Maria & Reetta

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We have been together for two and a half years.

In December of 2017, we found ourselves in a position where Reetta was still struggling with her faith. And being in a relationship with a woman, it was putting a strain on our relationship. We borrowed a car and planned to have a little holiday away together. We had a fight and the first hundred kilometers we just cried in the car because we thought that our relationship wouldn’t overcome these obstacles.

This road trip ended up being a turning point for us. On that trip, we just decided that we will be together always and decided together that we would get married in August of 2019.

There wasn’t a grand proposal, no surprises. But it was magical.
The rest of our holiday was filled with love, joy, and mostly relief. Our love could overcome anything, and we had made that commitment to not ever give up on one another.

We were engaged for about a year and a half.

We didn’t have any particular theme for the wedding day and had a natural bohemian-recycled style kind of wedding. A lot of things were borrowed or reused. We also valued ecological things when deciding, for example, food, which was all vegan.

We basically made everything by ourselves. Food and decorations were all homemade. Wedding cakes were ordered from a cafe nearby, and our friends helped us with everything on the wedding day.

The wedding day was just perfect and everything we had dreamt of. The morning was hectic and full of work, and we had to wake up super early to pick up the cakes and then go and get our makeup and hair done. Our friends helped us so much, and after we came from the beauty salon, we didn’t have much left to do. We could just enjoy each other and the anticipation of what was about to happen.

After the guests arrived, we had a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony quickly followed by our reception. We just enjoyed our beautiful atmosphere, ate good food, and enjoyed being with our loved ones. We had a very relaxed atmosphere for the whole day. Friends and family members performed great and touching speeches.

Time flew. We were so thrilled that everything went so perfectly.
Reetta had organized a big surprise for Maria. One of our favorite artists came to sing a few lovely songs with a piano.

After the wedding, we spent the most unforgettable night at a romantic hotel, just the two of us, wife and wife.

First and foremost, marriage means fully embracing the concept of love. It means complete commitment and trust towards each other.

Marriage is also a legal contract that enables that we exist as a married couple in our society’s eyes. Same-sex marriage in Finland has been legal since March 2017. The law changed just before we met, and that’s why our wedding feels so special for us like it was made for us!

Photography by Roosa K Photography

Cake Kahvila Tuokio
H&MU Parturi-kampaamo Oma
Venue Villa Pukkila
Wedding Rings Kulta-Aalto

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