Marya and Jackie met on the dating app, Brenda. Mayra had moved from India to New York just a year before they met, so Jackie always jokes that Marya travelled halfway across the world to find her.

Their proposal was supposed to be a skydiving adventure, but Jackie decided to wait a few more months. Jackie rescheduled the proposal and planned an early morning hot hair balloon, but, it was cancelled the night before. Thankfully, there was a backup in place. Jackie had put together a slideshow of pictures of their relationship, a rap video and a speech. Over a romantic Panera bread lunch at Goddard Park, Jackie got down on one knee and read Marya a proposal speech.

Their proposal was around a year and a half, enough time to plan a day that celebrated both of Marya and Jackie’s Indian and American cultures.

Marya travelled to Old Delhi, India to buy her traditional Lehenga and Jackie, who wanted a simple summer gown, found something that was great for her from David’s Bridal.

On the wedding day, Marya walked down the aisle with her mother, and Jackie walked with her parents. They had a priest conduct the ceremony and exchanged the ring according to the Catholic religion. To honour Marya’s Hindu religion, they used a garland and fire pit, their version of ‘Saat Fere’ [seven rounds].

For Marya and Jackie married means friendship, faith, trust and communication.

Photography by Arenas Foto | Venue & Planner Secrets Papagayo Resort