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Mayvin & Simony

Mayvin & Simony

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Words by Mayvin

I’ve never been able to hide a secret from Simony until I wanted to propose.

When it came to proposing, I wanted her to have the perfect story to tell. My (now fiance!) is an artist and a storyteller.

She’d say I’m over-exaggerating and that she is ‘only a hair and makeup artist.’ Still, to me, the only thing she does better than helping people find their new favorite shade of lipstick is to help them present themselves and tell their story to the world the way they want to. Because of this, I wanted to give her the perfect beginning to our love story. On August 19, I surprised her with a flight to Georgia, where we would visit and stay with her cousin. What Simony didn’t know was that we’d be able to see her family and that I’d be proposing to her with a peach sapphire right after.

It happened on August 21, 2017, the day of the solar eclipse, five days after her birthday and sixteen days before our eight year anniversary. I got down on one knee and proposed to my beautiful girlfriend.

The sun, the moon, the earth aligned, and she said yes.

Photography by Brittanny Taylor

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Dancing With Her is created on the beautiful land of the Bundjalung Nation. We acknowledge that we have benefited from the colonialism which dispossessed the Bundjalung People of their land and culture, and pay our respects to Bundjalung elders, past, present and emerging. We acknowledge sovereignty was never ceded. The land we live and work on is Aboriginal Land.

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