Who is Anna, tell us a little about you!

I am a fine art wedding and portrait photographer based in Washington, DC who loves tacos, architecture, sailboat rides, my fur babies, and all things travel!

My photography is best known for capturing joyful and genuine emotions and having a vibrant and timeless quality. I also love to take classic and iconic black and white photographs that pack a punch! Photography has taken me from the laid back sunny coasts of Santa Barbara and Cancun to the hustle and bustle of New York City, from the snow-capped mountains of Bavaria to the ancient alleyways of Paris, and beyond.

With each click of my camera, I become more excited about capturing those treasured wedding day moments. Often I’m asked if I have a favorite wedding I’ve photographed, and my answer is always, “It’s the next one!”

How did you get into wedding photography?

I became a wedding photographer because of my grilled cheese loving, historical movie buff, ever determined and inspiring father. A genealogist, he studied our family history and traced it all the way back to the 1200s in Switzerland. Pretty incredible, right? Documentation was a major part of piecing together who we were and where we came from, and any photographic evidence my father came across was like finding a rare and remarkable gem.

I always felt that the photos that recorded our history told our families’ stories with much more depth than any written documentation could. It was the photography that I found the most interesting of all of my father’s research. From expressions on faces to clothing choices, it was fascinating for me to see who these people were and what life was like for them. Everyone in the photos had a story.

After my father inspired me to dabble in photography at an early age, I went on to formally study it in college and completely fell in love with this medium that allows us to take our memories as we experienced them and make them tangible to relive and share with others.

My wedding photography is meant to capture who you are as a couple, your unique love story and the heart of your relationship. And much like my father’s genealogy research, it is meant to celebrate your heritage and honor your legacy for generations to come. Wedding photos capture precious moments that are meant to last beyond our lifetime. It’s how we’re remembered.

Where do you find your inspiration?/Who do you get inspiration from?

My couples are my biggest inspiration, hands down! I always aim to tell their unique love stories by capturing fresh, authentic, and sophisticated imagery that celebrates who they are.

Each and every one of my couples have a one-of-a-kind story filled with those extra-special moments that should be cherished beyond their lifetimes. Their stories encompass not just the day of their wedding but celebrate what came before them and what is yet to come. And it’s all a colorful and exciting adventure… for both them and for me! H

How do you prepare for a wedding day?

One of the most important pre-wedding steps for me is really getting to know my couple and forming a relationship with them. I love learning what makes them work so well together and being able to highlight the special bond that they have.

The engagement session is a really important aspect of my wedding day preparation for this reason. Aside from that, there is a lot of logistical preparation and coordination involved between myself and my team, and between my team and the wedding planners, to ensure that we can all collaborate and do our very best work for the couple.

Everything we do comes back to the couple- giving them the best experience possible and images that last forever. Weddings are a one-shot deal, the pressure is on, and I thrive in that kind of environment. So coordinating as much as possible ahead of time allows us to arrive at the wedding completely prepared, fresh and full of creativity, and ready to rock and roll!

Where do you see the wedding space headed in the next few years?

More variety, more diversity, more creativity, more awesomeness! Couples are making their wedding celebrations unique to their own personalities and values more now than ever, and that is enabling vendors to highlight their own creativity and artistry to produce this incredible one of a kind pieces for weddings that are catered to their couples. I am really looking forward to seeing that trend continue in the future.

Finally, what is your all-time favourite tune to hear on the wedding dancefloor?

Whitney Houston’s 80’s hit, “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)!” As soon as the band starts playing it, I’m on the dance floor with my camera in hand, singing the lyrics and snapping away!

You can find more information on Anna Schmidt Photography HERE; handpicked as one of our preferred vendors that work inclusively of diversity.