Bakes By Jean wedding cake.

Who is Jean from Bakes By Jean?

I was born in Ireland into a family of 5. My Dad has 15 siblings and my mother 7. The door was never locked, so we always had people in our house.

From a very young age, I loved spending Saturday mornings baking scones, apple tarts and sponge cakes with my mother in her kitchen. Moving to London when I was 20 to work in Harrods and enjoyed every moment working there.

I now call Melbourne my home and became a dual citizen in 2007. I do miss Ireland but love the life my husband and I have built here.

What do you mean when you say sensory and textural flavours?

A lot of aromas and textures bring me back to my childhood which makes me nostalgic.

I love the smell of homemade honeycomb and how it cracks under the knife when set and sticks to your teeth while eating it! The cloud-like appearance of freshly made Marshmallow and how unbelievably light and fluffy it is to taste. The smell from cutting up fresh strawberries and the gorgeous colour it adds to a frosting. We taste first with our eyes – if it doesn’t look appealing we don’t want to eat it! I want to make cakes that not only look amazing but taste even better!

“We taste first with our eyes- if it doesn’t look appealing we don’t want to eat it!”

Bakes By Jean wedding cake.

What is your favourite cake flavour?

I do love my ‘Chocolate Caramel’ cake as the homemade dulce de leche filling is incredible! Then again, the frosting in my ‘PB’n’J’ is ridiculously moorish! But, ‘Nuts About Nutella’ means I get to finish off the leftover Nutella, right? Too many to narrow it down to one!

You’ve travelled the world baking, what has been the most memorable ‘pinch me’ moment?

When I was asked to travel to Abu Dhabi and work at a Royal Wedding as part of a team was very special. I also feel very humbled when the same customers keep coming back and recommend my cakes to other people.

There is one lady and I have baked for her bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, son’s Christening and her son’s 1st Birthday. That to me is equally special.

Is there a recipe or baked treat that you sometimes whip up for yourself?

Rice Pudding, apple crumble or bread & butter pudding! I come from a cold part of the world and comfort food is heaven for me. To curl up on the sofa with a bowl and spoon with simple old-fashioned food is perfect!

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