Who is Cortnie Dee?

I am a giggly, sarcastic, faux-red-headed little lady who is fiercely passionate about loving others. Everything I do in my business is rooted in a love for empowering the people around me. I found a camera when I was in high school and immediately decided to make it my business – I photographed my first paid session in 2007, and my first wedding in 2010 (my senior year of high school!).

What does being a photographer mean to you?

I have the privilege of capturing moments in time. Is that cheesy? Yes. But it’s the truest way to describe what I do. With weddings, I am trusted with such precious moments…it brings me to tears just thinking about it! The photographs I take for my clients are ones they will cherish forever, and that really means everything to me.

How long in advance would you recommend couples reach out to lock in a wedding date with you?

For US weddings, I recommend 6+ months in advance, though I am always happy to accommodate wherever I can! For non-US weddings, I recommend 9+ months in advance so we can work out all the travel details together!

Where do you see yourself in the next 12 months?

Happy. Healthy. In love. Very much in business, hopefully with some more destination weddings under my belt! I’m also currently working on a portfolio to connect with designers to bring creative twists to their marketing campaigns.

Where is your favorite US wedding destination and why?

Since it’s probably too cliche to say “wherever love is” (cue your eyerolls, I know!), I have to say that Texas weddings know what’s up. I’m from San Diego and started my business there, but after relocating to Dallas and having spent the last six years photographing weddings here…I can say Texans know how to throw a PARTY. Have you ever seen someone twerk in cowboy boots? It’s glorious.

Where is your dream non-US wedding destination and why?

While I’ve yet to leave the US for a wedding, I’m daydreaming of a ceremony in the French countryside. Give me fields of lavender, and breathtaking views, please!

I’d also melt right into a puddle for the opportunity to photograph a wedding in Santorini. Does this make me basic? Probably. But let a girl dream!

Give us your best wedding advice.

Marriage first, wedding second. At the end of the event – because, let’s face it: the wedding is an event – you have a spouse, a partner for life. That’s what matters! Try your best to be rooted in love and the rest should fall into place.

When you’re not shooting weddings, what would we find you doing?

I love a good video game! I’m a Fallout-franchise fangirl (but let’s not talk about 76…), and I’ll forever be obsessed with the Bioshock series. Make me a cocktail (tequila, please!) and let me sit down for a few hours and play!

You can find Cortnie Dee Photography in our online directory of inclusive wedding vendors from around the globe.