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Meet Erica & Katie From Duo Events

Meet Erica & Katie From Duo Events

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Who is a part of the team behind the gorgeously creative work of DUO Events?

There are two of us, and we are twins, hence the name DUO! There’s always a little chuckle or ‘ah-ha’ moment from people when they meet us as they realize instantly why we named our business DUO.

It really is just the two of us, a bit like our whole life growing up, lol! Being twins has always been us against the world. And being in business is no different. It sounds crazy, but when you are a twin, there is a secret language in the relationship, so we get 1000 times more done in a day because we innately know each other’s strengths, weaknesses loves, and hates!

We wear multiple hats and are across every detail from the minute we meet a new client until we bump the wedding out, our clients are paying to have us present, and that’s what we promise and deliver.

In a nutshell, Katie is the floral designer and logistical ball-breaker of the team, and I am the designer and Tetris truck packer!

Where is your favorite wedding destination, and why?

We have to say Perth, Western Australia!

It’s where we do most of our gorgeous weddings. We’ve also had many clients who come to Perth for their wedding, so there must be something special. We particularly love the small boutique venues in Perth. We have some really cool heritage venues and venues with some beautiful architectural detailing. Then we have our wine regions, and they are breathtaking!

When did you find a love for styling, design, and floristry?

It was early on for us both. We think we were destined to create!

For Katie, she found her love for floristry after completing a science-based degree and realized it wasn’t going to be her life long passion. So she packed her bags for Brisvegas to complete her floristry degree. Our Grandma was a florist, so we think Katie got her love from her.

For me, I was always into art through school, and I went to Uni to complete an Arts Degree. Then an Interiors Degree, so for us, that was like twenty years ago!

We are both driven to create with bespoke in mind at all times. In the six years we have been in business, we have never repeated an event design concept. Every event, wedding, or installation is always different and unique. We would go crazy if we had to repeat anything, it would suck all the fun out of what we aspire to be to others when creating.

You attend so many weddings; what’s your favorite part of the wedding day?

Being completely selfish …it’s when our couples stop and look at what we have created for them, it is very often after they have been at the wedding for hours! Being the couple getting married, there is so much distraction, nerves, formalities that it’s not until the party gets started that a couple stops to look around and takes it all in. That’s the moment that gives us pure joy.

We never like to admit it, but often we cry when we see the couple together at the front of the ceremony, it’s such a long journey to get them to that point, sometimes two years in the making. It’s like an avalanche of emotion kicks in because that’s the moment that really counts.

If you weren’t styling or in floristry, what would you be doing and why?

That’s easy. We would both work in an industry that helped those less fortunate in some way. That comes from our Pop who taught us there is ‘always someone less fortunate than you and needs your help.’

Could you give us your best wedding advice?

There is so much advice we could honestly give!

But I think if we had to choose just one thing it would be to tell clients – ‘just do you’. Forget about what you think you have to do and what you are obliged to do. Filter out what you see on Pinterest and Instagram and seek out what truly represents you both as a couple and do that. Then find an excellent designer/planner/stylist/florist to make it all happen!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Browne’s Mocha Chills, we are actually obsessed.


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