Who is Gold & Grit Photography?

I’m a red-headed Swede who got fed up with the dark and cold winters of Scandinavia and decided to move elsewhere. I took the scenic route for a couple of years via Ghana in West Africa, but now call Melbourne home.

I’m a graphic designer turned wedding photographer with a love of the subtle, ordinary or weird. When I’m not shooting you’ll most likely find me chatting with my friends over a glass of prosecco or curled up on the couch watching crappy Netflix shows.  

Why wedding photography?

I kind of just came up with wedding photography 4 years ago when I needed a change. I didn’t know then just how much I’d love it. Weddings are rad. They’re filled with people that are incredibly happy throwing one heck of a celebration with their closest family and friends. And I get to partake in all that excitement. I really can’t get enough of them.

What’s your favourite part of the wedding day?

This is a hard one, but if I had to pick, it would be two parts. First, it’s the excited feels when people are getting ready. The candids you get then are always some of the absolute best from the day. You’re giddy and excited but in a quiet way.

Secondly, it’s the dance floor because of obvious reasons. Everyone needs more dancing in their life, always!

Describe your style of photography.

Relaxed, real & rad are three words I live by. I’m all about an un-posed, photojournalistic approach capturing things as they happen (no staging moments here!), with a dose of confetti and quirk thrown into the mix.

What’s your favourite wedding dance floor dance move?

My last wedding last season had a couple of worm dances and a few unexpected breakdance moves, which were pretty darn ace. That said, whenever a grandma hits the dance floor, it’s the best. That’s definitely a life goal of mine; to turn into the person that just slays the dance floor at my grandkid’s wedding.

You can find more information on Gold & Grit Photography HERE; handpicked as one of our preferred vendors that work inclusively of diversity.