Tucked away up a flight of stairs on Londsdale Steet in Melbourne’s CBD is Lord Coconut – a jewellery store made up of craftspeople from around Australia. Inside is a treasure trove of rings and jewels that might be a little different to what you’re thinking, not a solitaire diamond ring in sight. 

Describe Lord Coconut to us??

Lord Coconut is a retail store based in the Melbourne CBD which represents 40 Australian based jewellers, designers and artisans. We specialise in wedding rings but also stock signet rings, dress rings, cufflinks, pendants, bracelets, lapel pins and tie bars.

How would you describe the jewellery that is stocked in Lord Coconut?

Our jewellery has a very masculine aesthetic. We do advertise ourselves as a jewellery store for men, but, we cater for lovers of jewellery who want something with a bit of oomph rather than the delicate pieces you see in stores targeting a purely female clientele.

Do you work with and offer custom designs?

As we work with local jewellers and designers, we are often contacted to custom design the perfect piece of jewellery. We also receive requests from couples wanting to repurpose or reuse existing jewellery pieces that have sentimental value to the new owner – yes, you can finally do something with grandma’s old ring!

How do you think wedding jewellery has changed over the last few years?

Our wedding rings have changed in two major ways:

  • Rose gold has come back from obscurity and now make up 25-50% of our sales. Two years ago, they would have only made up 10% at the most.
  • They seem to be getting narrower. The average width two years ago would have been 7mm. These days we are now seeing more and more at either 4mm or 5mm in width.

Emily Becher wedding bands

What has marriage equality meant for you, and Lord Coconut?

We have always worked with LGBTQI+ couples but rather than coming in to purchase a wedding ring to get married straight away (usually overseas but often in the UK consulate here in Melbourne) we are now seeing an increase in the number of engagement rings being purchased due to a more traditional engagement timeline being followed.

It has also thrown up the question if both parties get matching or individual rings. It’s too early to tell what will become the norm but we look forward to discovering the outcome with our wonderful couples.

You can find more of Lord Coconut’s gorgeous jewellery and information HERE; handpicked as one of our top preferred vendors.