Who is Luke?

This is a question I ask myself every day. An unanswerable question really, but one that takes me into the silent retreat of my solitude, revealing to me an arcane beauty of life that I also can’t describe.

Describe your perfect, ideal couple.

Easy going but sure of what they want from their wedding day. Which usually consists of great food, great music, great atmosphere and great company. Everything else is superfluous really.

How long in advance would you recommend couples reach out to lock in a wedding date with you?

6-12 months is ideal. But I’ve had couples book me only three weeks before their wedding day. But that is taking a bit of a gamble, they were obviously planning everything last minute, and I just happened to be free. But the earlier you start planning and checking, the more options you are going to have with the availability of suppliers.

You get to travel around the globe capturing love stories, where is one place you haven’t been yet, but wish you could go tomorrow, and why?

You could say that I’m a little obsessed with the Far East- China and Japan particularly. I know they do weddings a little differently from the west, but I would die for the opportunity to travel there to shoot a traditional wedding. A temple in Kyoto, or somewhere in the mountains of China’s beautiful countryside would be my pick.

When you’re not behind the lens, where would we usually find you?

I’m a total homebody, so most likely at home hanging with the family or outside on my verandah practising Qigong or making pots out of clay. Or otherwise it’ll be in the kitchen feeding our hoard of hungry children. It seems that’s where we spend most of our free weekends these days.  

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