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Meet, Nathan Kaso Weddings

Meet, Nathan Kaso Weddings

Nathan Kaso same-sex wedding films, videos and cinematography Melbourne Victoria Australia Dancing With Her wedding directory
Who is Nathan Kaso Weddings?

I am a husband and father of two. I got married back in 2009 before weddings were as cool and stylish as they are now. We’re talking round tables and chair sashes. My suit looked too big for me, and I had a shaggy, bowl haircut. Regardless, it was the best day of my life!

My wife and I had so much fun and we spent the day with huge smiles on our faces. I think this is why I love weddings so much, they remind me of the fun I had. That and it’s fantastic to see other people getting to experience that same enjoyment.

Why should every couple choose to include a cinematographer?

A video is perfect at capturing the mood and tone of the wedding day. If done right, it is not just a moving version of your wedding photos; it is five minutes that will take you back to the way you felt in those moments and is the perfect way to relive all the beautiful memories that unfold throughout the day.

Your wedding will go by in a flash (mine certainly did), and it’s so important to capture the day so that you and your family can look back on it for generations.

What is your favourite thing about capturing weddings in a video?

I love weddings. I really do. They are sooo much fun. I feed off all the love and energy of the day, and I put all that energy into making each video as fun and unique as the day itself. Wedding videos shouldn’t be slow and soppy or moody and dramatic. They should be fun, upbeat, and a true reflection of what the day felt like.

How would you describe your style?

When I meet couples, I tell them my approach is to turn up and film what happens, there’s not much more to it than that. My main aim on the day is to be as unobtrusive and discreet as possible.

The less my couples (and their guests) feel like they are being filmed, the more they relax and enjoy their day, and the better my footage looks. Even if I thought it looked good to pose and stage my couples (which I definitely DO NOT), I don’t see the point. When you look back on your wedding video, you want to relive the real moments as they happened, not the staged scene that your videographer made you awkwardly act out. There is so much emotion and excitement that I really don’t see the need to fabricate anything on a wedding day.

What’s one particular moment that will always be unforgettable for you in your career?

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of so many incredible weddings. I could go on and on with all the beautiful moments I’ve witnessed between my couples and their families.

But one moment that really meant a lot to me was while I was shooting a groom at his parent’s home in Melbourne. I had spent a bit of time there that morning and had a good chat with his parents and siblings. Over the years, I have become quite an expert at attaching buttonhole flowers on suits, most guys have no idea, and it’s usually quicker for me to help out, so the boys aren’t late to the ceremony. On this day, the groom had five brothers, some groomsmen, his dad and himself that needed help. Before I left, I attached the flowers to everyone, which they were all very appreciative of. Later, when I was chatting with some of the guests, the groom’s mum said: “Oh, Nathan is one of the family now.” It was very surprising and so lovely to hear.

I hadn’t thought twice about helping out with the flowers, but to them, it showed that I wasn’t just some hired guy there to do a job, that I really cared about being part of the day and doing as much as I could to make the day run smoothly, even if it was just a small gesture like attaching the flowers.

That is how I approach all my weddings. Anything I can do to help, I will because I really care about my couples and I genuinely love being part of the day. It sounds corny, but it’s true, and if you work at weddings and don’t feel that way, then you’re probably in the wrong industry.

You’ll find Nathan Kaso Weddings in our online directory of inclusive wedding vendors from around the world.

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