Who is True Paper Tales?

True Paper Tales is a bustling little one woman business that sprung to life last year.  Being a very tactile person (is that over-sharing?!), as well as a romantic soul, I love things that are textural, intricate, and organic.  So I try and incorporate this into my wedding stationery using delicate watercolour illustrations, and combining handmade textural papers that I source from all over the globe.

I’m also very passionate about reducing my carbon footprint and making sure that I respect the artisans that create the beautiful papers I use.  So I only use recycled, ethically sourced paper, that contributes to sustaining the livelihoods of the wonderful artisans that put so much work into making each sheet.

What do you love most about paper & stationery?

I think I just love the romance that a piece of stationery can evoke.  Paper and stationery are like a beautiful canvas to showcase art and design, whether that be through illustration, painting, or typography. And what could be more lovely than receiving beautifully crafted wedding stationery, that invites people to celebrate love.

Why do you think couples should have invitations and like the tangible, as opposed to something digital?

I think couples should do what feels right for them so it’s completely down to a matter of preference.

What I love about a physical tangible invitation, is that it provides the first sweet glimpse of your wedding to family and friends, creating anticipation and excitement for the celebration that is to follow.

It’s also been my experience that people actually enjoy receiving a physical wedding invitation. Whether they save it as a keepsake or not, receiving a letter addressed with your name has an old school charm about it.

And there’s something enticing about opening a letter and finding that it contains a beautifully designed invitation that has been thoughtfully chosen by two people you adore to celebrate their love, AND is on the most divine paper that feels so good to touch!

How long have you been creating art? And, how did that lead to wedding stationery?

I’ve been surrounded by art (my mother is an artist) and involved in artistic pursuits like drawing and music since I was young.

But this question has made me reflect on when I started creating art and funnily, I think it really began when I was 10. This is probably a revealing glimpse into my personality (!), but I used to spend hours upon hours drawing and playing with these very intricate “paper people” that I created. Over a 100 of them in total. They were all shapes and sizes, from different cultural backgrounds (although they were all female!), and were essentially the models for my fashion designs (as I aspired to be a fashion designer then). And I would mastermind these really challenging social situations so they could resolve conflicts with one another haha – a bit kooky right!

But that fascination with people actually was the prelude to my career in Psychology. So I ended up taking a huge hiatus from my artistic ways and pursued a career in Forensic Psychology, working with marginalised youth within the criminal justice system. I did this for 18 years and believed it was my true calling, but in 2016 I became quite ill with an undiagnosed medical condition and was forced to take a long break to recuperate.

Being sick made me stop and reflect on all sorts of things. And despite the challenges, it’s given me the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with my artistic side, which has been a big part of the healing process. So I’d say that a seed was planted when I designed my own wedding stationery, and having lots of time on my hands was the catalyst to come full circle and start tinkering with illustration again.

Then when couples started reaching out to have me design their wedding stationery through Instagram, it gave me the encouragement I needed to officially launch True Paper Tales in March this year.

How long does the process take from beginning to end for clients?

It really varies as each client wants something a little different. With my semi-custom suites the process is quite easy as most of the design and illustration work has already been done. So it usually only takes between 2-4 weeks from start to finish.

Custom illustrated work can add on several more weeks as drawing and painting from scratch can take a while, and if a client wants a whole suite as well as a wedding map and embellishments, it can take some time to put together. Also, the first round of proofs may not be exactly what the client is after, which means it’s back to the drawing board literally. So for custom work I tell my clients to be prepared for it to take between 4 – 10 weeks.

As with any design process, it relies heavily on communication between client and vendor and how responsive we are to each other, so I invest a lot of time into communicating to ensure clients receive a stellar, stress free and happy service from me.

You can find more information on True Paper Tales HERE; handpicked as one of our preferred vendors that work inclusively of diversity.