Want to get the most intimate, most personal and most unique photos to reflect back on once the wedding day hangover has subsided? Then having a photo booth at your wedding day is something you shouldn’t forget, and for folks in Victoria and Tasmania, Shutter Hub Photobooths are your people.

Who is Shutter Hub?

Shutter Hub is Sharni Smith, a 26-year-old creative, photographer extroverted punk girl from the Surfcoast of Victoria that celebrates diversity and innovation.

James Looker and Brenton Ford, two of Geelong’s homemade creatives, founded the business in 2015 and after managing Sutter Hub Photobooths for around a year, I purchased the business. Since 2017 I’ve been putting my passion and twist on the brand, believing every event should be treated like the most important day on earth.

Why are your photo booths different?

There were a lot of webcams and average quality images being taken to capture some of the most important and precious days of peoples lives [as well as the most important people in their life] but there weren’t any stylish products on the market. So, we set out and created Shutter Hub, creating a leading edge design in the market with quality service and standard that is yet to be matched.

“The event is about you, your style is unique and should be celebrated, so ensure that the people you work with embrace you!”

– Sharni, owner of Shutter Hub

What’s your favourite photo booth prop & why?

The horse head always makes everyone laugh and the ‘still single’, ‘here for the beer’ or ‘I just love cake’ signs really gets the conversation, personal jokes and laughter flowing too!

What’s your best advice to guests who are a little camera shy?

Everyone is here for a reason, for love. You are loved and important to someone, so, create some memories that will last forever with some of the most important people in your life

If people are hesitant I always say, well you made all this effort to get dressed up, why wouldn’t you want to capture it, you look so good and its so much fun!

Why should couples have a booth as part of their wedding day?

  2. These are some of the most important people all in one place. There are always so many formalities at weddings. Photo booths help let everyone capture the beauty of their real relationships and let their hair down in a way it can be remembered forever
  3. Looking through the photos the next day, you have NO IDEA what is going to unfold. You will be completely humbled by how funny, and how lucky, you are to have these memories of the characters in your life

You can find more information on Shutter Hub Photobooths HERE; handpicked as one of our top preferred vendors that work inclusively of diversity.