How long have you been a celebrant?

It will be my ten year anniversary in February 2020!! So much love has been celebrated in that time! I’ve grown and evolved, but the one constant has been just how much I love creating awesome celebrations. I put my heart and soul into every ceremony!

Why did you become a celebrant?

I became a celebrant after becoming aware that there were only four things you legally have to have in your ceremony. I reflected on the ceremonies I had been to and wondered why couples were having ‘generic’ ceremonies that didn’t feel like ‘them.’ I had done a few speeches at friend’s weddings that got a great response and it all got me thinking… I really wanted to help couples create something that was a celebration of them, that’s meaningful to them, engaging for their guests and an amazing all-round experience.

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

So many things, but if I think about it, they’re all the moments I get to connect with each couple, their family and friends. From getting to know the couple, hearing their stories and all the things that make them ‘them.’ Then working with them to figure out how they want to celebrate all their awesomeness! Then that moment where everything we’ve planned comes together and we begin your ceremony, riding all the emotions with you, and seeing everyone leave the ceremony uplifted because they’ve just experienced a meaningful, connected, celebration of you!!

Any “stand out couples moment” so far?

Oh my goodness, so many! Every couple’s different and everyone has their stand out thing that makes them, them!
From a love story that spanned a lifetime (they’d known each other since they were 1 and 2 years old!), to a couple that survived an earthquake together. To couples who simply have an inspiring and beautiful connection with one another – every couple has their own stand-out thing!

In terms of location – marrying a couple mid-flight in a hot air balloon was definitely a stand-out moment!

What changes have you seen in the Melbourne/ Australia wedding industry?

In the celebrant industry, there’s been a massive shift from solo, competitiveness to a now very inclusive, supportive community. I am so proud to have so many beautiful celebrants as friends and to be part of a community that respects differences, is inclusive, innovative, supportive, and understands that together, we’re all better! The Celebrant Society has been at the forefront of leading this change and I’m so thankful and proud of the work they’ve been doing in this space.

Any advice for couples looking for a celebrant?

Just like every couple is different, so is every celebrant. We perform the same legal function, but how we create a celebration and our style is different. To find the right celebrant for you, think about what’s important to you about your ceremony, what’s the experience you want to have on the day? For example, if you want to feel relaxed on the day, make sure you find a celebrant you feel comfortable around. Have a chat, see if you connect and you feel confident they can create the ceremony you want to have… and if you don’t know what you want, make sure they can help you work that out!