A little shy of letting people know they met via a dating app named Brenda around 5 years ago, Megan and Sarah soon realised that despite living 3.5 hours away from one another, they shared many mutual friends. The pair dated for 8 months before they couldn’t deny that they were supposed to be together anymore.

“We had always said that I would be the one to propose,” says Sarah. She was keen to give Megan that special moment, however, had agreed that whoever did propose was the one who got to walk down the aisle second.

The proposal took Megan by surprise, although she had hinted that she wanted a ring sooner rather than later, building a home together had her a little distracted from Sarah’s secret, heartwarming, proposal plans.

“All of our accounts are joined – it’s really hard to save money for an engagement ring on the side, without causing any suspicion!” – Sarah

Sarah’s Pa is her favourite person in this world, as is her Nanna.

“We have always been very close. He is my best friend.”

A month before the proposal, Pa was given three months to live. Sarah and Megan both knew the chances of him being at their wedding day would be slim, so, Sarah decided that he had to be a part of the proposal. With her parent’s help, Sarah made a video of Nan and Pa asking Megan to marry her.

Megan and Sarah had spent a lot of their relationship at the beach and so Sarah knew the proposal had to take place on a beach somewhere. They had just moved to the other end of Port Stephens and had fallen in love with the local beach just two minutes from their house. One afternoon, like many others, they had planned an afternoon at the beach. Sarah packed her laptop, for “music” and hid an engagement ring under the sleeve of her dress.

On the beach, Sarah pulled out her laptop and said she had a video for Megan to watch;

Obviously, the answer was yes!

Megan had always wanted to sip on a bottle of Dom Pérignon, so Sarah had organised to have one ready and waiting with family members, including Pa of course, back at their home. Megan and Pa drank most of the bottle together.

“Since being engaged the only thing that has changed is our wallet.”

Jokes aside, their engagement has brought the couple closer together and made them more excited about the future. They are looking forward to being one step closer to being a married couple and only a few steps away from starting their own family.

As for wedding planning, it’s been all hands on deck with only 7 weeks until the big day. Megan and Sarah will wed on the 7th of October amongst 150 of their closest friends and family. They each have 5 bridesmaids and aren’t particularly looking forward to the ‘getting ready’ chaos of 10 bridesmaids, 2 brides and 2 mothers of the bride – that is a lot of hair and makeup!

Their wedding will be held in a beautiful home built in the 1800’s, Stanley Park in Fullerton Cove. Right by its side, there is a barn where their reception will be.

Most of the wedding inspiration has been found on Pinterest. Sarah used to make and sell candles, so she’s been busy making those for the guests as a thank you gift. The couple has made a lot of the decorations themselves and have a cigar bar and tequila caddy planned after the first dance.

All the big ticket items are booked, Megan and Sarah just need to have their dresses amended and organise the last few little things. Unfortunately, their wedding day will not be legally recognised in Australia, so Sarah and Megan opted out for a celebrant, and one of Sarah’s best friends will be marrying the couple.

Unfortunately, Pa lost his long battle in the past week. Although he won’t be there physically, he will be there in the hearts of Megan and Sarah having always played a monumental part of their plans to spend their lives together.