They met three years before they started dating through a mutual friend. It took a little while for Mel and Tegan to realise to realise they were meant to be together – three years in fact! Mel spent a little time trying hard not to fall in love with Tegan, which didn’t work, and Tegan tried hard to go back to liking men, which didn’t work either. It all came together in the end, they married in the Yarra Valley in 2017.

same-sex wedding inspiration - australia - dancing wtih her

same-sex wedding inspiration - australia - dancing wtih her

same-sex wedding inspiration - australia - dancing wtih her

same-sex wedding inspiration - australia - dancing wtih her

DWH: Tell us about the proposal!

M: I went out for dinner with friends and Tegan stayed home, she said she didn’t feel so well. When I got home the door was locked, which was weird, and when I knocked I heard my sister’s laugh, which was even stranger!

After a minute or two I was told I could go inside. Inside was over 200 candles, my family dog, champagne and flowers leading a path to our outdoor area. We love playing cards and along the way there were little playing cards with instructions like ‘drink me’ on the champagne, ‘pat me’ on the dog and when I made it outside Tegan was sitting cross-legged holding a ring that said ‘wear me’ and she was wearing a card around her neck that read ‘marry me’ – and I did!


DWH: What a beautiful engagement! How did wedding planning go for you both?

M & T: We were engaged for around 18 months – we wanted to wait until we found the right place and enjoy the process rather than rushing things.

We knew we wanted a relaxed vibe and somewhere where all our friends could stay. When we visited the Log Cabin Ranch we instantly loved it! We especially loved that we could have a weekend-long party and one big sleepover! It was also in a convenient location where Mel could get ready at her grandparent’s house which was super special for her.

When it came to finding the perfect outfit; Tegan knew she wanted something beachy and so flew herself to Made With Love Bridal on the Gold Coast to find the perfect dress. Mel knew that a white dress wasn’t for her, but also didn’t see herself walking down in a dress and thanks to a good friend, found someone who could make exactly what she wanted.

same-sex wedding inspiration - australia - dancing wtih her


DWH: And you utilised the help of all your guests, how did you go about this?

M: Every guest was given a ‘job’ to do for the wedding – something to bring to the dessert/cheese table, others to make playlists for certain points of the weekend.

We tried to use people we knew for all aspects of our wedding, including the wedding cakes and the cookies. Our photographer, Anna, photographed a wedding we had gone to a while back and our florist, Hannah, was an old friend of Mel’s.


DWH: And how did your laid back, relaxed style play out on the big day?

M & T: Some of our favourite memories would be sitting back and taking in the atmosphere. We loved watching people chatting, playing yard games (turns out that we have some very competitive people in our families!) and dancing together. The feeling of having everyone there to celebrate us and our love for each other was a feeling neither of us had ever experienced before – goosebump material!

Our guests all stayed at the wedding venue, either in the home or out in the yard in glamping tents. On the morning of the wedding, we had a friend run a mini ‘boot camp’ for guests which was really fun, especially when Tegan’s three-year-old nephew, Will, took over the leader role and had everyone galloping around like a horse!

We included a salt covenant ceremony and also asked our guests to bring a photo of what love means to them, we had these on display and it was really special.  

DWH: You got married in Australia last year before there were marriage equality laws were passed. Did it make a difference to your day?

M & T: We got married surrounded by our amazing family, friends and vendors and it honestly didn’t make one bit of difference to our day. We’ve always said that we didn’t need to Government’s approval to celebrate our love. When marriage was passed in Parliament we were sitting on the couch together watching and both of us ended up in tears. It’s been a long and tough slog to reach marriage equality and we feel so lucky to live in the time where it’s finally a reality! We lodged our intention to marry on the first day that we could and were legally married on the 9th of January 2018.

We felt married before but to know that we are now recognised by law is still mind-blowing, and really hasn’t sunk in. It also meant we got to have another celebration!


DWH: It was an incredible feeling, wasn’t it! What does marriage mean to you both?

T: Being married to Mel means giving her space when she needs it, being calm when she’s manic, listening when her words are soft and telling her with full confidence that she won’t get sick when she has eaten something, as well as handing over our agreed $100 and 5 massages if she does!

M: Marriage means pushing Tegan out of bed on days that she’s stuck and snatching her back in when she needs to have a rest. It means listening to stories that happened in her dreams, even though we all know those stories are the worst! It also means playing the ‘imagine if’ game if neither of us can sleep.


DWH: And lastly, do you have any advice for other couples planning their wedding day?

M & T: Getting married is amazing! Make sure you take the time to stop and what all the love that’s around you. Choose things that are meaningful and important to you rather than doing things because you think you should. Most of all, just have fun and let everyone else to do all the work!

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