My buddy, Will, was throwing a birthday party get together for his girlfriend at our favorite spot Highland Kitchen. The bar was packed and the vibe was great. I noticed this blonde girl outside tapping on the window and saw the birthday girl, Katherine go nuts! That’s when I was introduced to Meredith who was working with Will and Katherine for a short time at their company Education First. She was energetic, smiling, easy to talk to and a bit sassy. Over the course of a few weeks, we found every excuse to hang out. On my birthday I made the move! I kissed her and the rest is history. ️

Mel proposed precisely one year after we moved in together. It was the first thing on a Sunday morning over homemade pancakes and flowers. Mel, eagerly hoping the answer was yes, had also planned for the couple to arrive at their favorite brewery later in the afternoon, where all their family and friends were waiting to celebrate.

While the newly engaged status hasn’t changed a lot, it has solidified their love, and guided them into building a purposeful life together – and now they have a joint bank account.

They’ve allowed themselves two years to plan the wedding; a longer engagement was always something they knew they would have. It’s given them time to find the most perfect independent female business owners to work with. They’ll marry in a modern restaurant in Cambridge called Catalyst, which has a sleek and darkly lite design, in June of 2020.

Photography by Amy Spirito Photography