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Melissa & Sabrina – A Proposal with their Dog

Melissa & Sabrina – A Proposal with their Dog

Rhode Island Lesbian Engagement Photography - Dancing With Her

Melissa always wanted to propose, and Sabrina was okay with that. Proud dog moms, she planned the perfect proposal using their dog, Zoey.

Words by Sabrina

The Love Story

Melissa and I both swiped, right! I would have never believed you could find love living in different states, let alone online. 

The first time I met her, I knew I would be her wife one day. In the last two years, we’ve traveled the world together. We learned about new cultures and how different the world is, no matter where you go. I moved out of my hometown to start my new life with her. We learned to grow together and to build a foundation with one another.

The Proposal

We spoke about who would propose and how we may want it to happen. 

Melissa always saw herself proposing, and I was totally okay with that. I understood that it was her moment to shine, and shine she did.

We both worked the morning of the proposal, and were attending a family member’s birthday gathering at Melissa’s parents’ house that evening. It was a pretty normal day for both of us. 

We got home, and we were just doing our own thing. At this point, I still had no idea about hwhat was to come. I didn’t see Melissa or the dog, so I just yelled, “where are you guys?” 

I hear her say, “I taught Zoey a new trick. Get her a treat and call her over!” I got super excited because she is not the best with tricks. 

So, I call her over, and here she comes with a bow and box on her head. At that moment, it still didn’t register in my head. Then Melissa appeared, got down on one knee, and it finally hits me! 

My mouth dropped, and I remember crying, saying. Of course, I said ‘YES!’ and we both jumped into each other’s arms.

Our engagement is a symbol of our love for one another. It represents who we are to each other.

Wedding Planning

We are currently not wedding planning. In fact, we actually don’t want a wedding at all. We plan on going to the courthouse to get married. We are the kind of couple that will just wake up and go that morning. We are getting married because we love each other, not for the wedding.

Photography by Smile Darling

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