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Min & Tina – A Perfect Garden Wedding

Min & Tina – A Perfect Garden Wedding

Garden Wedding in Perth - Jessica Wyld Photography - Dancing With Her

It wasn’t a textbook ‘perfect’ proposal, but it was uniquely Min and Tina. Moments before Min popped the question, Tina exclaimed ‘this is the worst date ever’! Way to add pressure. But, what mightn’t have been conventional, led to a perfect garden wedding day in their hometown of Perth.

Words by Min


Tina and I are outdoor girls. We love camping, exploring, traveling, stand-up paddleboarding, and spending time with our 7-year-old boy Jed and our dogs Orca and Lima. Tina is a graphic designer, and I am a drone pilot. 

We have been together for four years. We are a Tinder story, both swiped right, matched, and “continued playing.” It was actually my friend Nikki that made the first move…well, sent the first message. A sweet little, “Hi Tina :)” That small message was the start of the rest of my life, and we haven’t stopped talking yet. We both grew as individuals as we grew together.


Moments before I proposed, Tina described our date as “the worst date ever.”

Recreating our second date to set the mood ready to pop the question did not go to plan. We went back out to a Perth hills lookout called Zig-Zag. On our second date, it was magical; the city’s views were to die for as we sat in the back of her 4WD. There was the getting to know each other chat, the cuddling, and the odd kiss. Four years on, it was raining, you couldn’t see any view of the city and even on the way there she told me that it was a stupid idea to have a picnic that day.

As we were eating our sandwiches and looking at absolutely NO view, I popped out an aluminum foil ring that we had made as a joke a year beforehand. Tina must have left it in her jacket pocket that night as one day I popped it on, put my hand in the pocket, and knew that it is exactly what I was going to use. I held it up, expressed how much she meant to me, and ended with, “If this is all I had, would you marry me?” Tina replied with an “Are you serious?” followed by a “Yes.” The perfect moment was now there. 

As we were leaning in to do the most romantic kiss of our lives and she was starting to slide the aluminum foil ring onto her finger, I pulled out the real deal “Well . . . if you said yes to that one, will you also say yes to this one?” Typical Tina replied, “Are you serious?” followed by the most heart-warming, “Yes.”

The kiss was romantic and magical. Best Date Ever.


On the wedding day, it rained! Our wedding was looking like a beautiful 26 degrees, perfect for a garden wedding. Just as we all started to really take on the dance floor, the skies opened up, and it was beautiful. 

The day as a whole garden wedding was magical. We had three aisles; we both had one to walk up with our bridal parties and fathers and a center one for us all to walk back down together. Tina looked more magical than ever. Our ceremony was heartfelt with the full belly laughs from “the things that annoy you most about each other.” 

Marriage is our certificate of security, knowing that it’s us now. Every decision we need to make (both good and bad) is ours. We are a family, and it’s our family. No one knows us better than we know each other.

Photographer Jessica Wyld

Catering Bamboo Catering
Celebrant Ashleigh Nelson
Ceremony Venue Private Property
Engagement & Wedding Rings Solid Gold Diamonds
Entertainment Daniel Jennis
Event Planner & Stylist Wilde Wedding Management
Gown Designer Luv BridalBridal by Aubrey Rose
H&MU Arimah Haie, Black Lash Makeup Design
Prop & Furniture Hire Black Label EventsEluma Event SolutionsOutkast Hire
Transport Allure Limousines 

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