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Capturing Love and Fashion in this Unique Tennis-Inspired Shoot

Capturing Love and Fashion in this Unique Tennis-Inspired Shoot

A modern and unique lesbian styled shoot in Utah, America

Tell us the inspiration behind the shoot.

This shoot was inspired by “Miu Miu”—just the bright editorial look focused on fashion. We wanted the couple to be themselves and have fun while also representing the fashion-forward editorial vibe. 

We love mixing documentary style with editorial. 

We also found out that after planning it to be a tennis-centered shoot, the couple actually plays tennis together for fun. It was such a happy coincidence. 

Why was creating this shoot important to the team?

This shoot was important to create because I think we can feel like couples’ photos need to be in an open field, on a beach, or fit in with the status quo. But you can take your shoots into places you may not see as often, get creative, and get amazing results. 

We think it’s so important for people to bring out themselves in their shoots, and that looks different for everyone. Think outside of the box because if you are completely yourself and let that show, the results will convey that. 

What are the key styling elements of the styled inspiration, and who brought them to life?

All of the clothing pieces seen are all vintage. Showing that high fashion can also be vintage, it doesn’t always have to be off the runway. Stay Co. (Erica Kopp) was behind all of the styling genius. 

Words by couple Lucy & Lola

What is your favorite memory together?

We like to think about the first night we met because neither knew how good it would be. 

Tell us your favorite things about one another.

Lucy – The first thing I loved about Lola was how kind she was to other people and the way that she said the word “pants.”

Lola – It’s so hard to choose just one thing!! Lucy is everything to me. But off the top of my head, she sings in the shower. It’s so sweet. 

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Lola – I love you, Lucy.

Lucy – I love you, Lola.

Photography by Crtvduo

Creative Director Cara Mia
Jewelry J Brooks Jewelers
Stylist Stay Co.
Tennis Balls Saint Laurent

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