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Nancy & Stephanie – A Retro Elopement Inspired by the 70’s

Nancy & Stephanie – A Retro Elopement Inspired by the 70’s

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Words by photographer and planner Victoria from Victoria Jean Photography.

I have always been a fan of retro images and a vintage look. I’m in the process of planning my wedding and was heavily inspired by the 70s. I also knew Steph and Nancy through my sister-in-law and felt a strong urge to be creative before the wedding season began. It had been a couple of years since I’d been able to do a styled shoot because of COVID, so I’m thrilled we were able to make this happen!

Once you’ve been in the wedding industry for a while, sometimes things can feel repetitive – especially here in a small province like Newfoundland. As creative individuals, we think it’s super important to keep our creativity fresh and always remember why we love being a part of the wedding industry. It benefits both us and our future couples by always making sure we love what we do. Doing creative shoots whenever we have the chance is a great way to keep the fire alive! 

Our florist for this shoot, Kristyna, also says she loves the freedom to use as many locally foraged materials as possible, as it helps lower the environmental impact. Seeing her work in action is an excellent representation of how local foraging can be beautiful!

What are the key styling elements, and who brought them to life? 

Honestly, all of us! We were a small team on this one, and I couldn’t have done it without everyone. Hair and makeup were super important in giving a vintage look I wanted, and Audrianna and Michael knocked it out of the park. Thanks to Kristyna, the florals were fabulous, and the shoot wouldn’t have looked the same without them. The trailer was a key aspect as well – I tracked down Leigh on Instagram, and she was on board with allowing us to use it. I don’t think it would have given off a vintage look if we didn’t have that available to us. I sourced the clothing myself from various thrift stores, which also helped to keep the look authentic. And, of course, it was all brought to life by the simple, fun love that Steph and Nancy have.

Words by Nancy & Steph.

What is your favourite memory together?

Steph: We were in a small surf community in Costa Rica, and after a few beverages, we decided to watch the sunset on the beach. Well, the evening was a scorcher, so after the sun went down, we decided to frolic in the waves together. It was very romantic, and we laughed endlessly. Unbeknownst to us, there was no one else on the beach (RED FLAG!). We were trapped in the water, with thousands of pinchy crabs blocking our exit. One of us had to make a sacrifice- which was me; Nancy giggled in my ear as I piggybacked her to safety. All the pain from the sprint was worth the memory we shared that day.

Nancy: The night we met. It was New Year’s Eve, and Steph and I were chatting on a social media dating app. I was at a bar next door with my friends, debating if I should visit her for the first time. Just after the New Year rolled in, my friends convinced me to go for it! I walked next door into the bar and found Steph. We danced and laughed and kissed for the very first time. I ended up going back to her hotel room with her and her friends that night and woke up in a room full of strangers. I was incredibly nervous at the time and could not wait to leave but looking back; it is a hilarious memory.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome together?

Steph: When I met Nancy, I was suffering from severe depression. I was in hospital before meeting her, and I found myself back in the hospital once again. Unfortunately, this is not a great time to start a new relationship. Love in times of anxiety and depression is messy and unpredictable. We broke up for a short time, as the time was wrong for us. Thankfully we found our way back to one another, and Nancy has been my rock through all my struggles.

Nancy: When Steph and I met, she was just out of a long-term relationship and was suffering from depression. I was suffering from anxiety issues myself, and this flawed the beginning stages of our relationship. We ended up going our separate ways for a little while but rekindled shortly after, stronger than ever. Wrong timing doesn’t always mean the wrong person. The break we needed allowed us to bring back the strongest version of ourselves, including the support we were both searching for.

Tell us your favourite thing about one another.

Steph: Nancy’s butt- kidding. I love that her heart is pure.

Nancy: Stephanie’s silly nature. My life has not been boring since we have been together, and I find myself constantly laughing.

Photography by Victoria Jean Photography

Hair Hair by Audrianna
Florals Newfoundland Floral Design
Location Trailer Lola Lo Liner
Makeup Michael Kane

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