Nicole & Nikki

Words by Nikki

Nicole and I met on the lesbian dating app, HER. I hearted her Friday, January 19th, and we started messaging on the app on January 20th. I sent the first message at 3:20 pm. 

My friend Summer created my profile even after I told her not to. 

After being single for two years, I knew that I was to date, but I didn’t want to get on the dating apps because I wanted to let the energy of the universe have me bump into a cute girl in yoga or the supermarket. The idea of apps felt depressing and desperate. So, I went into this app situation a little resistant. Even my friend Jerry told me to give it a try, so I was like, ‘fuck-it,’ okay. 

I got a few hearts, but nothing that interested me. 

Then I saw Nicole’s picture, and I thought, ‘hmmm, cute. I went through her pics and noticed she did yoga. There was a pic of her and her niece, but at the time, I wasn’t sure if that was her daughter. There was also a picture of her in a yoga pose; her smile looked so beautiful and kind. The pic had me intrigued. 

I took screenshots of Nicole’s profile and sent it to my friend Summer. Summer was like, ‘Nicole, she is gorgeous.’ That was a Friday afternoon. 

That Saturday, I gathered enough strength to message Nicole. She was on my mind. I didn’t think she would message me back because she hadn’t hearted me back from the day before, but I was like, ‘fuck it. I have nothing to lose.’ That Saturday night, she hearted and messaged me back. We have been together ever since.

Our first date was amazing. It was probably the most transparent date I’d ever been on. Before our first date, we spent about two weeks talking on the phone and texting. The level of transparency had already been introduced between us, so we were having conversations about everything. 

We had already decided that our first date would be an 8 am yoga class at the Lyons Den in Tribeca and that we would spend the day in Brooklyn. I don’t think I slept the night before, I was so nervous, and I’d known in my mind that she wasn’t going to show. 

I caught an UBER to the city on the morning of our date and I was a nervous mess. As I was getting out of the UBER, she found a parking spot, so we decided to meet on the street. As I approached Leonard Street, my heart was beating so fast. Then I turned the corner, and I saw her. 

I saw the woman who I knew I would marry. 

As I walked to Nicole, it was as if my spirit was saying to her spirit, ‘You’ve been standing here all along.’ I had driven down Leonard Street and walked down Leonard Street so many times going to yoga, and I didn’t realize that I’d been walking past the spot where our spirits would someday meet up, where I would meet my future wife. 

Nicole stepped around her car and into the street, and we had the biggest embrace. I remember picking her up and holding her. At that moment, she felt like ‘home.’ I tried not to look too much while in class, but I do remember thinking she had a strong practice. In Shavasana, the final rest pose, we ended up holding hands. 

After class, we headed off to BK, to my old neighborhood where I lived on the same block for twelve years, so I was so happy to show Nicole where I used to live. I introduced her to one of my favorite families on my old block. We went to the Farmer’s Market, Fairway Supermarket and went back to my place. 

I remember the date being so easy. We prepped food together, we laughed and talked. Nicole and my dog, Gizz, got along from the beginning. We cooked and ate and had wine. At some point during the date, Nicole looks at me and says something like, ‘Can we lay in your bed and talk.’ I remember thinking about how I’d never heard that line before! My friends told me NOT TO GO INTO THE BEDROOM.

So, we go into the bedroom, and she immediately snuggles up to me. We were supposed to watch a show on Netflix, I think. By this time, I was nervous because I swore that we would not have sex on our first date. We started having surface conversations for about one minute, and I turned and looked at Nicole, and I said something corny like, ‘we might as well get this over with’- I kissed her and well, it was amazing! 

The Engagement

Words by Nicole

I do not know why she followed through with proposing! I made it quite tricky.

We had booked a trip to Paris [her favorite city] for her 50th birthday. We agreed to compile a list of ten things each of us would like to do while preparing. Upon arriving, we got to our Airbnb and took a nap. Our only plan was to get to a park and exchange lists. 

When I got out of the shower, I started complaining about the bathroom’s lighting and how it would be impossible for me to survive with such low lighting. I would have to trust her to tell me if my makeup was perfect [SO dramatic!]. I even made her hold her phone at various angles to highlight parts of my face as I reluctantly attempted to make it work. She endured my complaining and remained completely patient [even though my moaning had delayed our arrival at the park where a photographer was waiting to capture our special moment]. 

When we hit the streets, she asked to take a selfie [so the photographer could recognize us] and the best I could do was lower my head and pout. Then we started walking, and I could not understand why she was dragging me down the street. I began to get annoyed. Before the trip, she was always talking about lazy days roaming the streets of Le Marais. Then we got lost. 

She made up some story about needing to get to a restaurant at a particular time because a friend had bought us a bottle of champagne. This seemed odd. Also, why was she continually texting? How rude! She was not herself. I suggested skipping the park. She seemed freaked out about being late, which was not how I wanted to start our trip. She raced across the street, tugging at my arm, to ask a florist for directions. I watched her in utter disgust as she forcefully tapped the shop owner’s shoulder [she was in the middle of assisting other customers] and didn’t even attempt a word of French. 

Okay, this was when I started thinking about us not being together for very long. Who was this woman? Had she tricked me? This is hilarious now, thinking back to her bizarre behavior. We got to the park and walked to the spot that the photographer had marked on the map [unexpectedly, it was under construction, so she panicked and got back on her phone- RUDE]. He assured her that everything was okay and that we should just sit at the nearest bench. Real cavalier, she turned to ask if I wanted to take a seat on said bench. 

Now, I don’t know where my little diva attitude was coming from, but I dramatically spun around, looked over my shoulder, and said no. I started walking away and eventually settled onto the bench of my choice. She joined me and asked if I’d share my list. In true teacher fashion, I had prepared a multimedia presentation. I was so proud of my little list, and I could not understand why she was so impatient while my video links were loading. 

Then it was her turn. She fumbled through her bag, uncharacteristically licking her lips and doing this weird tongue curling thing. She turned to me with a small box. I was still. Completely frozen and very confused. Was this it? I thought it was, but I didn’t want to be wrong. Had she gotten me a necklace or something to commemorate the trip? It took her a little while to ask, and when she did, I held her face in my hands, said yes, and soothed her nerves with a kiss. 

She pulled away, reached in her bag, and took out another box. “Now it’s your turn.” Leave it to Nikki to buy her own engagement ring! This was the woman I had fallen so hopelessly in love with. Always attentive to details. 

Still in shock, she then pointed out the paparazzo she had hired. I didn’t immediately understand, but that’s when the day’s events started to make sense. 

We held hands, walking along the Seine, smiling and covering each other in kisses. Perfect. I had my person.

The Wedding Day

Words by Nikki

IT WAS AMAZING! It was a dream come true for both of us. 

The Edition Miami is magnificent, so on our wedding morning, we decided to start the day at the beach and have some quiet time. We thought we would have silent meditation, but instead, we stared out at the ocean, and then we talked a little. 

After a while, we went back for coffee, and the preparations began. Our makeup artist, Style Me Elvi was coming at 11:00, and our photographer Stephanie, of Tiny House Photo was coming at 10:30. We booked two rooms so that one of us would get dressed in the other. 

As soon as Stephanie got there, she took pics of the momentums from when we first started dating. Some of these momentums included a card my mother-in-law ordered for us, a white bride and a black bride, a picture of Nicole’s Grandmother’s Sixpence, a photo of my Father’s handkerchief (my Father is deceased), and the bottom of our shoes. Earlier that morning, Nicole and I drew some things on the bottom of each other’s wedding shoes: I drew on the bottom of Nicole’s shoe, the number seven (both our lucky number) and a cube. I’ve been doodling cubes since I was a kid, and weirdly, doodling cubes keeps me grounded. Nicole drew her linear graffiti style letter drawing on the bottom of my shoes that she loves to make: It Don’t Stop. 

Elvi arrived, set up for makeup. Nicole wears makeup all the time, so for her, this was going to be smooth sailing. When it was my turn for makeup, Nicole hid in the bathroom. I don’t wear makeup, so I was super nervous, and Elvi wanted to put false eyelashes on me! Let’s just say, by the end of the makeup session; I thought I was Beyonce. It was amazing, I felt amazing and I never felt like such a girl like I did on our wedding day.

Our first look was in the hotel lobby. It was beautiful. Nicole tapped me on the shoulder, and when I turned around, I thought my face was going to crack from smiling so hard. To each other, we looked beautiful and felt beautiful. There was so much light at that moment. Everyone in the hotel lobby clapped and smiled and cheered and it was amazing. Our photographer told us we were not catching an UBER because she wanted to drive us. Stephanie really is fantastic. 

We met our wonderful and amazing and beautiful and magical officiant Cynthia at the museum. She looked stunning in all black and fabulous pointy toes, patent leather pumps. 

Our wedding took place on the ‘Joy Terrace.’ Yes, this day was touched by God in so many ways. Between the two of us, our vows were 5,000 words, and since it was just the two of us, Cynthia gave us all the time in the world. 

We smiled and cried and smiled some more. We held hands so tight so that we wouldn’t kiss before it was time. 

Stephanie was all over the place, taking what we now know were beautiful photographs, and with just the four of us, the moments were magical. The museum was closed on the day of our wedding, so we had the terrace all to ourselves. After we said, ‘I do’ and kissed, our gracious photographer took us to Wynwood, where we took loads of photographs and stopped at Fireman Derek’s Bakery and ate four different dessert cakes and pies. 

Since we decided to elope, there was no need for a big cake but some kind of cake or pie, that was a must. 

Our day was filled with love, fun, smiles from strangers wishing us well, a delicious dinner at Alter, and loads of champagne.

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