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Nina & Petra’s Dream Wedding in Sardinia

Nina & Petra’s Dream Wedding in Sardinia

A stunning lesbian Italian wedding

How long have you been together, and how did you meet?

We’ve been together a whole decade—the best ten years of our lives. We originally met in Petra’s Zumba class. A simple salsa track was all it took for Nina to be completely head over heels. But it took much longer for us to tell each other about our feelings for one another. It was by no means a fairytale beginning, but we stuck together, overcame obstacles, some judgment, and distance, and eventually built a life together that, for us, is absolutely perfect.

Tell us about the proposal.

Nina’s an absolute perfectionist and made it clear early on that she wanted to own the proposal. So she did. We were holidaying in Sorrento, where there is no wrong place to propose. The winding streets, the quaint restaurants, the beaches. It all screams romance. But Nina booked a private sunset boat tour disguised as a ‘favor from a friend’ so I wouldn’t get suspicious. It was already a perfect evening – the prosecco was flowing, the sun was on its best behavior, and as the boat docked for us to watch it set, a guy with a saxophone emerged from the back of the boat, playing my favorite Italian song from my childhood ‘Ti Amo.’ This was the moment I realized what was about to happen, and before I could gather my thoughts, out came the ring box. It was the easiest ‘yes’ ever.

What led you to the destination?

Petra always wanted the sand between her toes and guaranteed sunshine on her wedding day. So an abroad wedding it was. For Nina, it had to be Italy. Her favorite country – one her parents had instilled her love of from family holidays. And it was the country we got engaged in. We had never been to Sardinia before we started planning, but on paper, it met many of our wants. Stunning scenery, extensive coastline to choose from, beautiful historic cities; a place that our guests, all very different people with different needs, could each make the holiday they wanted out of it.

What was the inspiration behind the vibe of your wedding?

We wanted our wedding to feel as wild and natural as the setting. So we chose colors that were in harmony with the nature around us – the rusty orange décor of the aisle reflected in our dried wild-flower bouquets and the teal of the bridesmaids’ dresses perfectly complementing the pine trees. 

Other than that, we kept it really relaxed. Our bridesmaids each wore a different style of dress that they chose. Our guests could wear shorts and sandals or whatever else they wanted. I don’t think there was one tie or one hat in sight. And that’s the informal, chilled vibe we wanted to create. There were no rules, no ‘top table,’ no timetabled agenda. Nature, friends and family, love, and an Aperol-stocked bar – the only ingredients we needed.

Talk to us about your experience finding the perfect outfits.

On any given day, 90% of our outfits will be sourced from second stores, so our wedding day was going to be no different. Petra often calculates value in wine – ‘if we save £12 off our insurance quote, that’s two bottles of wine’, so when looking at the difference between a brand new wedding gown vs. the price tag on our second-hand options, we saved enough to stock a well-sized cellar. It meant a LOT of trawling through the depths of the internet, desperate not to miss ‘the one,’ and it also meant a fair bit of trial and error (having an extra year to plan allowed us to change our minds a couple more times on what we wanted to wear too). But we managed to find outfits that were ‘us.’

Talk to us about the big day! 

It’s the biggest cliché, but it was the best day of our lives. We had pictured it countless times. It’s all we were thinking and dreaming about. But as Nina mentioned in her wedding speech, no amount of planning or imagining could have prepared us for the emotions we experienced that day. Our ceremony was at 5-ish (we were on Italian time, so, you know, give or take!). Any earlier would have been too hot. So that gave us the whole day to sit by the pool, chill, make up our bouquets, practice our dance, and get ready very slowly without rushing. 

We got ready separately – Petra with her daughters and other bridesmaids, Nina with her bridesmaids, and her Mom. Petra went down the aisle first with her brother. Nina followed on the arm of her Dad, between rows of guests who, through the whole ceremony, were all so emotional that the photos looked more like they were taken at a funeral! Our ceremony was led by Nina’s incredible best friend, George, who was our celebrant. He said the most beautiful things, the perfect balance of emotional and hilarious. We wrote our own vows, and after we said our ‘I do’s, we were showered in rice as we left, wife and wife. 

Our guests headed back or our reception location, a short walk down the beach, where we arrived by boat! This was outside our plan, but our wedding planner surprised us with the entrance she thought we deserved. We started with sushi, canapes, and the most delicious Sardinian spread. The speeches were followed by some music from world-class guitarist Andrea Valeri and some singing from Mariana, his opera-singing wife. And then the dancing. Oh, the dancing! Every single one of our guests was up for dancing (even the one with his leg in a cast)– that’s our kind of wedding party crowd! Everyone ended up skinny dipping in the sea at 4 am, and the poor staff were collecting everyone’s discarded bras. It was pure joy from start to finish. The only sadness is that we’ll never get to do it all over again.

What are your favorite moments?

Nina- Walking down the aisle towards my bride, between everyone else whose love and support collectively got us to that place. What a priceless, perfect feeling. And getting ready with my Mom. She is most of the woman I am today, so her support and love on my wedding day was so unforgettable.

Petra- Standing at the end of the aisle with my wife, experiencing a moment I had longed for for so long – finally, it was real.

Both- One of the highlights was Nina’s maid of honor speech. He’s a West End performer, so his speech would never be ordinary. He prepared a 25-minute-long musical performance detailing the untold stories of his adventures with Nina. It was an iconic moment that had everyone in hysterics and one that everyone talks about to this day.

What does marriage mean to you?

Marriage to us is an utter commitment. Beyond the sheer romance of the gesture (which is also huge for us), it felt like we were sealing our permanence in each other’s lives and the lives of our friends and family.

Advice for other couples planning a wedding?

Getting married abroad? Get a wedding planner. We could only have organized our day with the countless phone calls, WhatsApp voice notes, and messages with our incredible wedding planner Valeria. It seriously took the pressure off. Not only is it important to have someone who can organize and structure the day well, but it was important to us that Valeria knew the area like the back of her hand. So she even helped us plan dinners and a boat trip on either side of our wedding day. Find someone like Valeria – that’s the best advice we could give anyone!

Also, consider a celebrant-led or symbolic wedding. The fact that we could get married where we wanted, by who we wanted, was everything. It opens up possibilities, but most importantly, it allows you to have a ceremony representing you as a couple, as opposed to the cookie-cutter experience you feel you have to go with otherwise.

Anything you are glad you did? Or wish you didn’t do?  

I’m glad we made a week out of it and had the wedding right in the middle. It meant that all of our friends and family had time to meet and become friends before the wedding day, so our wedding day wasn’t spent doing introductions or rushing around, making sure we spent time with everyone. Everyone was already so relaxed with each other, which brought such a special and intimate atmosphere from the very beginning.

Photographer Paolo Salvadori

Celebrant George Gehm
Ceremony Venue Mugoni Pine Forest In Alghero
Florist Tonino Serra / Antonio Giovanni Serra Flowers Interior 
Live Music Andrea Valeri
Venue Hotel Corte Rosada
Wedding Planner Alghero Concierge Events
Wedding Rings Ruben Konig

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