Who are Olivia & Sara?

Olivia is a Metalsmith and works from home, she is disabled and works when she is well enough, from her studio in our house. Sara works in HR for an artist supply company that has over 30 locations nationwide. 

For fun, we love to be immersed in nature, farmer’s markets, making margaritas, or trying out new cocktail recipes. We bond over food, cooking, hiking with our dog, working in the garden, planning our future, and talking a lot about our dreams and what we want. Nine times out of ten you can find Sara in the kitchen early on a Saturday morning, making bagels from scratch or bringing me breakfast in bed (yes, I am lucky. I know!!)

We have been together for almost eight years! We met in 2009 at art school, we both went to Montserrat College of Art- a super small four year BFA program in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Here are our artist websites just in case you are wondering, hmmm what is it they make?! 

Sara: www.sarambenson.blogspot.com

Olivia: www.oliviaboi.com and www.etsy.com/shop/STRONGMOONMETALS

Oh my, we are obsessed with bagels! Tell us all about the proposal.

Sara asked Olivia to marry her at Bug Light, a small park with a lighthouse in South Portland, this is a spot where we would often walk. We talked about wanting to be married for a while before we were engaged, and I felt like maybe I should just ask her! But while we were there at the park that night, she got down on one knee at the lighthouse and made me cry, asking her to be her wife. It was at sunset and there were so many beautiful colors in the sky, the salty air against our bodies, and walking on the jetty rocks back to shore. I was skipping from rock to rock, grinning, and literally jumping with excitement.

How long was your engagement?

We actually got married the same day we got engaged, May 31! So exactly one year apart- although that was not the plan all along. We were supposed to get married in March, and then COVID happened, and we postponed it. After a few months of waiting, we decided just to get married with a few friends and our dog at Wolfe’s Neck State Park in Freeport, Maine. 

We love going there and after taking a weekend to visit different outdoor potential locations, we decided that it was our place! So, exactly one year from our engagement, we were married- around the same time too, it was sunset! I think that date is special to us for sure.

How did COVID impact your wedding plans, aside from moving the date?

We were really anxious about just wanting to be married! So with all the social distancing and not being able to travel, threw us way off. We felt like we shouldn’t or couldn’t get married during a time like this. But as time went on and on and on, we felt as though we were just wasting time. We had the outfits, jewelry, paperwork, and eager nerves. So we were stressed about having to wait until our world returns to “normalcy” or just getting married and on a whim. We’re so relieved and excited to actually let our friends know- hey, we are going to get married in like two weeks- can you be there? It worked out beautifully.

Your outfits are both unique, and beautiful – tell us about the experience of finding your wedding day outfits.

O: My outfit was the fav thing I have ever worn; my dress was printed on linen by Sister Nettle. I came across her unique and plant-based work last year on Instagram and always thought, hmm, I’d love to see her print on a wedding dress! Working with her to make this happen was such an exciting experience. She literally made my dress dreams come true, and I love that I can wear it again. Not many people can say that about their wedding dresses. I wore a white faux moto jacket and some clogs too.

S: I wore white cotton pants and a sage green linen shirt and had black flats on. I was wearing jewelry by Strong Moon Metals (Olivia) and a flower crown done by Harmons in Westbrook, Maine.

Your wedding day, we want all the details!

Yay! Our wedding was supposed to be elegant but easy! We wanted to feel at home and at ease there. 

We woke up and went for a hike with our dog and friend, who stayed overnight. Then we came home, had breakfast, and basically just relaxed and hung out on the deck outside.

We had a few of our close friends, some cake, champagne and sparkling water, and it was all kind of improvised. We brought a little table Sara made for our backyard and some paper plates and cups.

We had the ceremony, took photos and then ate cake and drank! It was pretty perfect, fun, and stress-free. The theme was Maine, haha, relaxed, beautiful, and outside. Our whole day was pretty much based around eating!

Do you have a stand out vendor?

Definitely, our photographer, Robyn. She really goes above and beyond to provide you with a comfortable and fun environment for you to feel like you can flaunt and share your love. She made us feel so free and able to feel good in front of a camera. She captured moments that will forever be cherished and in our hearts. I love that she photographed all of our friends and their expressions while they were witnessing our ceremony. Those photos made me ugly cry.

Lastly, What does marriage mean to you?

Love means working through any hardship, challenge, or problem and coming out stronger together. 

We have already been through so much over the last eight years with Olivia’s health, she has many serious chronic illnesses, and through the previous eight years, I have seen her fight to find out what it is that is wrong and what she can do. I have stayed by her side and have been her number one ally and supporter. 

We unconditionally love each other in any and every way imaginable. We really do believe that our souls are meant to be together, and so we are.

Photographer Robyn Nicole Film & Photo

Accessories Strong Moon Metals
Cake Two Fat Cats Bakery
Dress Designer Sister Nettle
Florist & Flower Crown Harmons Florist
Wedding Rings Honey and Goldies