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Surprise Lesbian Wedding - Dancing With Her (1)
Becky & Monica – A Surpise Wedding in Apalachicola

After ten years together, Becky didn’t just plan a proposal to Monica, she planned the entire wedding to happen the very same afternoon she proposed.

LGBTQ+ Proposal Photoshoot - Newcastle Australia - Dancing With Her
Holly & Josie – A Surprise Proposal Photoshoot in Newcastle

The surprise was nearly ruined when Josie took a call on Holly’s phone that accidentally revealed that she was expecting a delivery from a jeweler.

Indian Lesbian Engagement Session - Matteo Gueli Photography - Dancing With Her
Rashmika & Sandeep – An Indian-Hindu Love Story

Rashmika & Sandeep met while they were young, at the all-girls school their parents put them in to keep them away from boys. They hope to marry soon incorporating Hindu traditions.

Tropical Lesbian Wedding in Hawaii - Dancing With Her
Erica & Kate – A Lush Tropical Wedding in Hawaii

Erica and Kate are from opposite sides of the world, but they’ve found home in Hawaii. They celebrated an intimate tropical wedding in Hawaii.

Overcoming Military Deployment for Love - Colorado Engagement Photography - Dancing With Her
Danielle & Takara – Conquering Deployment to be Together

Danielle is in the military, and it’s been challenging coping with her deployment, and learning to prioritize their love language has become imperative.

Santorini Same-Sex Elopement - Lesbian Wedding - Dancing With Her
Eider & Marta – A Santorini Elopement

Marta & Eider’s story is one of true love, but also a symbolic message for equality. They chose to elope to the picturesque Santorini, Greece.

Halloween Elopement - Micro Wedding Inspiration - Allie Chambers Photography Nashville
Kateland & Kayla – A Halloween Elopement

In an elopement style micro-wedding, Kateland and Kayla shared their wedding day with their favorite people and their favorite holiday, Halloween.

Lee Meek Photography London - Interracial Indian Same-Sex Wedding - Dancing With Her
Bernice & Bhavisha – A DIY Wedding of Two Cultures

Bernice & Bhavisha wanted something special but not traditional, without all the pressure of a traditional Western or Indian wedding.

Amy, Jess & Addi – A Canceled Wedding Day

Their wedding day was canceled less than one month before it was set to take place, thanks to COVID-19. The lovers did get a chance to have their pre-wedding photoshoot together.

Morgan Rindhal Photograpy - Boho Industrial Wedding in Milwaukee
Katie & Meredith – A Boho Industrial Wedding in Milwaukee

Another Tinder love story turned beautiful romance. These two married in an indoor wedding ceremony that was a good mix of industrial meets boho.