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Paige & Olivia – Planning a Wedding Without the Support of Family

Paige & Olivia – Planning a Wedding Without the Support of Family

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For both Paige and Olivia, imaging a future with another woman was challenging, for different reasons. However, they’ve found love and they’re planning a wedding despite not having the support of Olivia’s family.

Who are Paige & Olivia?

My name is Paige, and I’m from Philly, but I have lived in the Los Angeles area for about six and half years. I came to LA to tap more into my creative side as I graduated college with a degree in Acting. While having such a passion for telling stories through expression in Acting, I have always been one to have a journal attached to me wherever I go since I was a little girl. This eventually unlocked the parts of me that had such a joy in writing. 

I wrote a poetry book, A Paige In My Diary, that focuses on my journey with tapping into my sexuality. Coming to terms with sexual abuse, and navigating my mental health so I can find peace in this life. It is so important for me to have a deep understanding of my story to be able to be a voice for those who may struggle to find their own. 

Spending time with both of our dogs, Elmo and Vida, and exploring new areas to venture out into. We are both working towards receiving our real estate license for Georgia because, after the wedding, we plan to move to Atlanta! There is so much excitement at what the future looks like for both of us within this next year.

Now for Olivia, she is from California, but she grew up in Bakersfield. From the time that Olivia was three years old, she was involved in sports, and soccer is where she absolutely thrived. The consistency of being involved in soccer throughout her younger years and through college, she found herself playing soccer semi-professionally in Brazil! 

She currently works as a Sales Specialists with Lowe’s and assists DIY customers, individuals in the real estate industry for home installs. Which is excellent insight for when we start selling homes and flipping homes in Atlanta! Olivia is obsessed with our malti-poo, Elmo, and our mini dachshund, Vida. She is always trying to convince me not to get a third dog. 

How long have you been together, and how did you meet?

Olivia and I have been together for almost two years now. Some people hear about the amount of time that we have been together and assume that it has been no time at all for us to jump into a commitment such as marriage immediately. We see it because people will always have opinions towards what they feel is fitting for another person’s life outside of their own. 

The both of us were on the dating app HER. I am the one that sent Olivia a GIF of a little puppy popping out to say “hi.” So basically, I slid into Olivia’s DM’s. From there, the conversation never ended. 

Our first date was in West Hollywood at The Abbey Bar, we immediately connected, and the date never ended. We ended up having lunch and a few Jameson pickleback shots. Walked around West Hollywood for a bit, then went to see, The Grudge at the movie theatres, which was the corniest movie ever. As we were talking on our first date, there was no beating around the bush regarding what it is that Olivia and I are looking for in a partner. Our values and future goals aligned, and here we are now. When you know deep down that there is a spark with someone, don’t convince yourself otherwise that it is too good to be true.

Tell us about the planning process for the proposal.

For Olivia, planning the proposal, she got down on one knee before me, was a long process. It took a lot of communication on her end to be sure to have my family and friends involved. I constantly made little comments here and there that alluded to the fact that I wanted a ring. But Olivia did an excellent job at playing coy without giving anything away to me. More than anything, she wanted the day to very special for me. She knew having my family and some of my closest friends would have made my heart smile. 

By the time I got down on one knee to present a ring to Olivia, the both of us had been engaged for about five months. It was a no-brainer to me that I wanted to give Olivia a ring too. Having a ring from one another just symbolizes our commitment to one another. No matter what comes our way, we will always be reminded that we choose to do life together. I wanted me giving Olivia a ring to be done on a more intimate level. I had a friend who I worked with who started her business called Picnic Matter, where she puts cute bohemian-styled picnics together for couples, small groups, or even wedding ceremonies! So, when I saw that she did this, I did not hesitate to hit her up to see if she would be willing to put this together for me. 

Tell us about the engagement ring experience.

My Moma was visiting LA a few months before Olivia proposed and went to the diamond district with Olivia to help pick out my engagement ring at a jeweler in Downtown Los Angeles, Icing On The Ring. Once we found our way back to Los Angeles after this most recent Christmas break, I needed to get my engagement ring cleaned after a few weeks. We were speaking with the jeweler and Olivia was pointing out the different rings she liked. And the jeweler secretly made notes about all of the designs that caught her eye. She emailed me the notes, which began the process of custom designing the engagement ring that I was planning on presenting to Olivia.

What does your engagement mean to you both? Has anything changed?

I have always known that I wanted to find a life partner at some point in my life, but being pansexual, I never knew who I would be with. I will say that a part of me always knew that I would end up with a woman because I have always felt the safest sharing space and energy with another woman. More than anything, I knew the partner that was meant to be by my side in this journey of life needed to have patience in their heart due to the experiences I have found myself in during parts of my life. Olivia has to be one of the most patient people I have ever been involved with. She knows my story and is not ashamed to stand next to me as I navigate my way towards happiness. 

This engagement is only the beginning of what Olivia and I have in store for our future. We are choosing one another, and that is what brings both of us happiness. Especially for Olivia, she never thought that she would be able to have a future with a woman due to how she was raised in a Christian household. There was rarely any freedom to be herself when growing up, making it challenging to accept her authentic self. It has taken continuous healing to learn to let go of those who do not show unconditional support towards myself and my future wife. However, now that we have found one another, we are both unapologetically living for ourselves to remain in our truth and growing for each other to show that love matters. Unconditional love is what creates a solid foundation.

How is wedding planning going? What do you hope for your wedding to be like?

Planning the wedding up until this point has brought up a lot of mixed emotions. Emotions that range from excitement, eagerness, disappointment and sadness. The more joyous feelings can be geared towards the reality of seeing each other on that day and celebrating with those who want nothing more than to see us embark on a new journey with each other. The emotions that have left us feeling overwhelmed have been due to the lack of acceptance from Olivia’s immediate family. They see our love as something that is not real and wrong, which has been hard to accept because it is the complete opposite of how my family sees our love.

We are doing what we need to do to focus on each other and those who continuously show up for us. Unfortunately, some people would rather see you fail than see you happy. It does nothing but deplete your being when you choose to figure out the reasoning behind those actions. 

May 15, 2022, is the day of our wedding, and it will be the day that we will be able to look at each other and celebrate our love finally as wife and wife. That is what matters. That day will go down for the books!

How are you going about choosing your key vendors?

We both knew that we wanted to have our wedding in Northern California due to the forest vibes. Anyone who knows me knows how much I have been obsessed with the Twilight Saga since Twilight came out when I was in middle school. Even before meeting Olivia, I knew whoever married me would have to accept the fact that we would be having a wedding in the woods just like Edward and Bella! 

April of this year, we took a road trip up to Northern California with my Moma and Olivia’s aunt to check out six wedding venues that matched the aesthetic that we were in search of. After being let down by the first venue, we had pretty high hopes for the second venue, Deer Park Villa, in Fairfax, California. As soon as we drove into the venue, Olivia and I both looked at each other. Nothing needed to be said out loud because we already knew that this would be the wedding venue we fell in love with. After getting the full venue tour, we set a schedule to get everything underway. Now that is where we will have our wedding next spring. It is giving very much, Breaking Dawn Part 1, look it up! 

As for the other vendors, our photographer is a friend of mine from back home in Pennsylvania, and she told us about our florist as well. I realize a lot of research is needed. But asking around goes a long way and can save a lot of time looking for certain things.

Photography by Liv With The Lens

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