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Planning a Wedding During Covid-19

Planning a Wedding During Covid-19

Planning a wedding during a global pandemic wasn’t something you had dreams about when you became engaged to your lover, but Covid-19 has meant that it’s a reality. It’s a unique problem to be tackling, planning a wedding during Coronavirus. Still, it’s one that you don’t need to feel alone in doing – 2020 & 2021 couples around the world are changing plans, going ahead with micro-weddings and elopements, or postponing their wedding dates to a time where it can be celebrated safely. 

We wanted to tackle two scenarios that you might be deciding between when planning your wedding during Covid-19, going ahead with your wedding, or postponing your wedding date.


Suppose you were already planning a small wedding that fits in with your country/state regulations or willing to be flexible, think outside the box, and make things work. There’s no reason you can’t still go ahead with your 2020 wedding – even during a global pandemic.

Here are a few reasons to go ahead with your wedding despite COVID-19:

  1. YOUR PLANNING A MARRIAGE, NOT A WEDDING – The wedding day is just that, a day. What comes after that is a new chapter in your relationship together as a married couple. It is so easy, incredibly easy, to get caught up in wedding planning. It’s fun, exciting, and the prospect of having all your favorite people in one room to celebrate your wedding is often a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    However, the vows you share on your wedding day run so much deeper than the people who were present to witness them, what you were wearing at the time, or how incredible the dance floor was. You’re making a lifelong commitment to another human, a commitment to marriage, and whatever that means to you.
  2. A SMALL WEDDING IS STILL A LOVE FEST – Some of our favorite weddings are the smaller micro-weddings and elopements that have skipped out on the big festivities and opted for something more personal and connected. Don’t believe us, here’s a handful of incredible weddings that either had no guests, or just a few of their closest loved ones present.

    Hilary & Jess
    Eider & Marta
    Jenna & Rebeca
    Laura & Nicole

    Just because you’re opting out of the 100 guests that you had in mind to make your wedding day come to life, doesn’t mean it can’t be something special.
  3. WEDDING NOW, PARTY LATER – If you’re still ‘on the fence’ about a smaller wedding that focuses on your vows and your union, opt to have a ceremony now and throw that huge love party later.

    Your wedding guests aren’t going to mind that you were legally married a year, maybe even two years earlier. A party is a party – and if it’s a party where your guests can get down on that dancefloor and not worry about Coronavirus, they’ll have fun – we promise.


Your wedding might look a little different from what you had imagined it would look like, but it’s going to be incredible despite the obstacles that COVID-19 has placed on planning your wedding day.

Here is what you need to do next if you’ve decided to go ahead with your wedding date despite COVID-19

  1. CHECK LOCAL GUIDELINES – You don’t want to be breaking the rules by hosting your wedding celebration. Check with your local governments on the restrictions that might currently be in place when it comes to weddings. Also, check what the local guidelines are – two very different things, both equally as important. 
  2. REVIEW YOUR GUEST LIST – Unless you had a small guest list to begin with, you’re likely going to have to review and cut your guest list. Can we give you a little insider tip? More than ever, your guests will understand why you’ve decided to un-invite them. It’ll be easiest to start with guests who won’t be able to travel and guests whose health you would be most concerned about, like elderly guests.
  3. REVIEW YOUR STYLING & FOOD – COVID-19 has hurt a whole host of businesses. You might no longer be able to access the florals that you had on order for your wedding day, nor the food or drink options. Talk with your wedding vendors about how to approach your wedding vision with what is currently available. It’s a great time to be shopping local.
  4. CONSIDER ‘GOING LIVE’ FOR YOUR WEDDING DAY – We’ve all had a warm introduction to the likes of Zoom and Skype, maybe hosting a call on your wedding day is something you would consider? Livestreaming your wedding ceremony, or parts of your wedding day is a great way for people to be present with you on the day and raise their glasses [safely, from the comfort of their own home] for you in celebration.


Not convinced that a small wedding, elopement, or anything other than what you had envisioned your wedding day to be, is for you? It’s still okay to want a 150-guest wedding list and a huge celebration. 

Here are a few things to consider if you are thinking about postponing your wedding.

  1. UNDERSTAND YOUR PRIORITIES – We always mention to lovers when they’re starting to plan their wedding day that it is an excellent idea to sit down with your partner and discuss the 3-5 things that are most important to you when it comes to your wedding day. Now is the time to revisit that list. Whatever you’ve listed as your priorities, or non-negotiables, will guide you moving forward. 
  2. HAVE OPEN COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR VENDORS – If you have a wedding date locked in for some time soon and you are starting to think about postponing your date, now is the time to reach out to your wedding vendors—the more notice you can give them, the better. 
  3. EXPECT THAT THERE WILL BE FEE’S [& NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSITS THAT YOU WILL NEED TO LET GO] – This one is a tough one for everyone. If you’re looking to reschedule your date, you will need to expect that wedding vendors might have fees attached to that.

    While some vendors will have the capacity to move dates for you, no fee charged, small businesses might not. Prices generally increase year on year, and by moving your date, you might have that inflation added to your quote.

    Most wedding businesses are small businesses, and to be super honest, a lot won’t survive the current pandemic. Be respectful that they have lost income, most for at least a year, and that all they are trying to do is stay afloat.

    Similarly, you might need to let go of other wedding vendors who can’t work on your new date. If you’ve paid a deposit, that deposit may not be refundable.

    Try not to see your deposit as money that just goes towards the work that the wedding vendor will do on the day. That deposit often covers business expenses outside of what you see on the day – things like marketing, deposits they need to make to secure materials or staff they need for your wedding, the time it takes to communicate with clients, etc. While being upset that you might need to adjust your wedding budget because you’ve lost money via deposits is totally normal, there’s no need to project anger on to your wedding vendors.

    Remember, they’re doing it tough at the moment too.
  4. HAVE OPEN COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR GUESTS – You don’t want your guests calling every day asking about wedding plans, so be sure to let them know about your plans moving forward as soon as you can. It might be a sigh of relief for your guests who were worried about traveling to make the day and gives everyone enough time to rearrange their schedules.


First, take a deep breath. Deciding that you are going to postpone your wedding date because of Coronavirus isn’t an easy decision. If you have come to this decision, be reminded that it is the best decision for you.

Here are a few things to do if you have decided to postpone your wedding date: 

  1. COMMUNICATE – It’s the key to any way you’re tackling a COVID-19 wedding. Communicate the postponement with your wedding vendors and your guests as soon as you can. 
  2. BE FLEXIBLE – We can’t stress this one enough. Wedding vendors are often booked out well in advance, and they’ve been bombarded with cancellations and postponements.

    You’re going to need to go into finding a new wedding date with an open mind, and an open heart. Remember that your wedding vendors are having a really tough time at the moment too. If you’re moving dates, remember that a weekday wedding is still a wedding day! If you’re uninviting guests to make a smaller guest list, remember that they’ll understand why you have to do that. 
  3. DO SOMETHING SPECIAL WITH YOUR LOVED ON ON YOUR WEDDING DATE – When the date of your now postponed wedding rolls around, it’s probably going to be a tough day.

    Make sure to spend the day doing something nice with your partner, a little date, or a ‘just because’ gift to show them how much you love them. Whatever you’re feeling on the date is okay. The year has been a wild ride in so many aspects, and choosing to postpone your wedding date isn’t easy. 

We hope that despite a global pandemic, you’re still able to focus on what is most important – the relationship between you and your lover. We are in uncharted waters, emotions are high, and weddings are looking a lot different from how they looked even just six months ago.

Be patient and kind with yourself, reach out to others when you need someone to vent with, and remember the two essential things about planning a wedding during Covid-19; be flexible and communicate. 

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