Words by Tess

Nieve and I met at our workplace back in 2015. I was 20 at the time while Nieve was 16 and I couldn’t stand the girl! She was always picking on me; as it turns out she just had a crush.

After graduating high school, Nieve moved away momentarily and returned to St. George and our workplace at 18 years old. She was a lot cooler, and out of the closet, then! We became friends and about a year later, girlfriends!

Our favorite memory together was during our last day on a trip to Banff, Canada in December. We drove up to Lake Louise, which was frozen over, and we ice skated with the sun shining on the snowy mountains surrounding the lake. It was the most beautiful, breathtaking thing we’ve both ever seen and experienced.

But, our relationship hasn’t been without its challenges. Nieve and I think, communicate, and handle conflict VERY differently. It took several months for both of us to learn how to properly communicate and understand each other. In fact, at the beginning, we hardly even got along as friends. I’d never fought with someone so much in my life.

But, we both were so undoubtedly drawn to each other.

It turned out to be a great thing because now that we understand the ways we each think, see, and feel things, we have become happier and more fulfilled as individuals. I now understand what people mean when they say ‘she completes me’. We are each other’s better half! We have grown to be more ‘whole’ than either of us have ever been because of what we have learned from each other.

There is so much I love about Nieve. A fun one; Nieve does the funniest impressions you’ll ever hear. She can make up a character with a full blown accent and specialized vocabulary on the spot. It is a hilarious and captivating talent. More heartfelt; Nieve stands her ground. Not only does she stand her own ground, but she will stand for others as well. She will speak out for what is right when no one else will. She is strong, and she is not afraid. I look up to her.

My favorite thing about Tess is her ability to love and care with full compassion, and she never does it for personal gain. There have been many times where I am not feeling myself, or I am feeling sick and she does her best to stay home with me and take care of not only me, but us. I’ve never seen her think twice about helping someone, it’s in her nature. Tess is the most amazing person I have ever met, there are countless things that I love about her, but that is the one thing that baffles me every time.

Our future looks filled with adventure! We love to get away together from our everyday life, that time shared between just us makes us feel bonded.

Late July we’ll be heading to England where Nieve can show me her favorite spots, and where she was born on the Isle of Wight.

Eventually, we plan to move to Canada where Nieve grew up and grow our family a bit bigger. I’d like to carry Nieve’s eggs with the help of a sperm donor!

Until we get there, we’re just enjoying our blessed life together and having fun taking trips as often as we can, which happens to be often!

A note from the photographer, Charity Rebekah

Living in Utah, there isn’t a lot of representation of LGBTQ+ couples in the wedding industry. My hope with shoots like this is to show people here in Utah beautiful sessions that they can see themselves in. To show people that finding love is beautiful for everyone. We decided to go to the 7 magic mountains in Vegas because it is only 2 hours away from us and because Vegas weather is beautiful! Plus I mean that bouquet with those beautiful rocks? Come on!


Photography Charity Rebekah Photography | Lovers Tess & Nieve | Hair & Makeup Rylee Smith | Bouquets Jocelyns Floral | Dress Rent from Lael