Image & ring box above, The Northern Forest

Honestly, when did ring boxes become so bland and generic?

You go to so much effort to organise the perfect engagement ring for your loved one, why wouldn’t you match it with a handmade heirloom you will be just as proud to pass on?

To make it easy for you and your special one, we’ve narrowed down our top picks of handcrafted boxes worthy of the rings that will be placed inside.

Secret Sharer

A modern, sculptural ‘secret sharer’, handcrafted crafted by Australian duo Louiseann and Kristian King. These wooden pieces aren’t just keepers of the all-important ring – ‘they hold onto the moment itself. The hand remembers and remakes the moment through the simple act of touching the unique planes of the Secret Sharer’. We think that is a pretty special thing, to have and to hold.

From AU$117 – SHOP HERE

Crafted in Australia. Shipping available Worldwide.


Another really unique option, handcrafted by the Brooklyn team at IN.SEK Design is the concrete and wood combo. Using a casting method, each piece is truly unique in finish – plus, the wood that makes each lid is crafted from trees that have fallen naturally, an option that is friendly the eco-mindful.

From AU$90 – SHOP HERE

Crafted in the USA. Shipping available Worldwide.


Fancy something a little different? With a background in Neuroscience and Architecture, the  Turkish duo behind Waen are specialists in creating beautiful, feminine objects from glass and metals.

From AU$55 – SHOP HERE

Crafted in Turkey. Shipping available Worldwide.

Mushroom Pine Design

Have your names and wedding date custom engraved on these reclaimed Australian hardwood pieces, handcrafted by Australian wood-smiths, Mushroom Pine Design. These boxes, to treasure, are complete with an infinity sign as a mark to your love.

From AU$40 – SHOP HERE 

Crafted in Australia. Shipping available in Australia Only.