Words by Steph

Proposing was absolutely nerve-wracking! We are fortunate enough to have the support of both families, which allowed me to ask her parents for permission and involve them in the process. We were visiting her family for Christmas last year and had planned to head into the city for the day. We spent the afternoon grabbing coffee, shopping, and visiting the Rockefeller Center.

Going into the proposal, I had planned for both snow and freezing temperatures with it being late December, but not a 45-degree downpour raining day. We had to keep moving the proposal time back to catch a break in the weather.

I had flowers laid out and a marry me sign set up at Cop Cot Central Park, where I popped the question. She had absolutely no idea I had been keeping the secret for months.

I had never been to New York before, but she had been since she is from Connecticut. I had known I wanted to marry her for almost three years and was waiting for the right moment. Christmas in New York with her family just seemed right.

Being engaged has solidified all the promises and effort we’ve put in over the last five years. While it hasn’t really “changed” anything, it’s the most comforting feeling to know that the emotions you feel towards another are fully reciprocated.

We ‘ve chosen to elope to avoid all of the wedding planning chaos! We are having a small intimate wedding in Maui in 2020 with our immediate families and then exploring the islands after.

Photography by Jeri Stein Photo