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Selina & Tatiana – A Year Long Dance to Dating

Selina & Tatiana – A Year Long Dance to Dating

Lesbian gay wedding in Switzerland Europe captured by Videofoto Feusi

We matched on Tinder in April 2019. Freshly broken up after a long-lasting relationship with her ex-girlfriend, Tatiana wasn’t looking for something too serious.

I didn’t believe her since she looked so innocent and continued the conversation with her. It wasn’t love at first sight for either of us. 

We met up in early May 2019 for the first time and kept in contact. We talked daily and liked each other but not in a very romantic way. She was still involved with her ex-girlfriend, and I was also seeing someone else. We hooked up a couple of times, but it wasn’t until October that year when I started catching feelings. Unfortunately, Tatiana wasn’t there yet, and it was a roller-coaster until I couldn’t handle the up and downs and quit contact in early December 2019. 

By coincidence, we met shortly after Christmas at a party and started talking again from then on. It took us three more months to finally realise that we were each other’s person. In march 2020, Tatiana asked me to be her girlfriend, and we have been inseparable ever since. Literally inseparable because the pandemic hit right after, and we decided to quarantine in an Airbnb since her mother was in the high-risk group for covid and I was still working in a hospital then. We liked each other’s company so much that we decided to move to our first “real” apartment in July 2020. Two baby cats joined the fun not long after that, and the rest is history.

Tell us about the proposal.

Tatiana proposed first. I always wanted her to propose first, which she did. I wanted her to wait until gay marriage was legal in Switzerland since I wanted a “real” marriage, not just a registered partnership. We knew that Switzerland would vote about it in September 2021, and even though we were not 100% sure that Switzerland would vote “yes”, we were hopefully optimistic. 

Tatiana couldn’t wait for that to happen and proposed on our holidays in Mallorca in June 2021. Before our holiday, I was joking around that I was going to propose on that trip, not thinking she would actually do it. She was always nervously laughing when I was joking about it, and I was thinking, “why is she so nervously laughing?” but still didn’t get it. She was planning the proposal on the hotel’s rooftop bar at some point that week but couldn’t wait any longer and proposed on our hotel room balcony on the first night. It was perfect because it was just the two of us.

I proposed back in September of the same year. I didn’t think I could actually surprise her because she was expecting it since we always talked about both of us wanting a proposal. However, her friends were involved and helped me get her to a beautiful spot where one could look over the whole city of Zurich. It was raining, and I wasn’t sad about it since no other people but her friends and her parents (her mother and her stepfather) were there. Exactly what she wished for. 

We both don’t remember anything we said during our proposals but still loved every second of them. 

Talk to us about the big day! 

On the big day, we were around 75 people. Getting ready was so exciting since we got ready separately. Tatiana got ready with her mother and I got ready with my maid of honor, Jenny. Our getting ready separately made us even more excited for our first look before the ceremony. This was definitely one of our favourite moments. It was such a private and intimate moment because we had it all to ourselves (with our photographers, of course). All the nervousness fell off our shoulders once we saw each other. We were finally together, and the celebrations could start. 

During the following ceremony, everyone cried because our officiant Anka held the most beautiful speech. In addition, Tatiana’s good friend Jana sang during the ceremony, which made it even more personal. 

Afterwards, we celebrated with delicious food, tasty wine and many surprises from our guests. One of the most emotional parts was probably my (Selina’s) father’s speech, in which he also sang a song. He didn’t tell anybody about this in advance and nobody even knew he could actually sing. 

The party we were most scared about was our wedding dance. We weren’t the best dancers and weren’t very motivated to practice too much before the wedding. We probably practised our dance three times at home before the big day. It probably wasn’t the perfect dance, but it was perfect for us. Such a unique moment to dance in the middle of all our loved ones holding sparkling candles. We still have goosebumps thinking about it. 

What are your favorite moments?

There were so many favorite moments. As already mentioned, our first look was definitely a big one but also, our ending of the ceremony, where we said a Spanish drinking toast to end the ceremony and walked out dancing to Good Day for Marrying You by Dave Barnes, was just so much fun. I loved that our guests came from all over the world (USA, England, Spain, Colombia) to celebrate our big day and almost everyone stayed and danced with us until the very end. 

What does marriage mean to you?

Marriage to both of us means becoming a family. To say yes to each other – not only in a ritual way but to be sure to have found the one. The one which you can overcome all hurdles with. To say yes to all the life situations which may occur, to not run away when it’s not rainbows and butterflies anymore. To love to work on the marriage day by day. 

Photography by Videofoto Feusi

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